Freedom Farms was started by Dana & Lauren Cavalea. The two met in high school and eventually went their separate ways for college and the years that followed.

About a decade later the two reunited and have been on a journey ever since.

Lauren spent her career working in news for ABC Newswhile Coach Dana Cavalea became a World Champion Coach for the New York Yankees.

What do you get when a Professional Sports Coach and a News Aficionado get together? You get Freedom Farms.

Together, along with the farms mascots, Rocco & Santino(our English Bulldogs), Gunner and Bullet (our farm dogs) the farm is worked daily and filled with energy- producing the best and healthiest beef in the state of New York! 

"The goal was to show people where their meat comes from. We raise all the animals on grass and finish them on grass. No hormones, no vaccines, no junk-Just grass. The way it is supposed to be. Our goal is to produce nothing but the best- for nobody but the best"

- Dana & Lauren Cavalea (and Rocco & Santino!)