At Freedom Farms you are buying directly from your farmer. You are helping to keep our family farm going. Thank you.

We offer meat-shares where you can buy a whole, half, or quarter cow or pig- or, you can buy a box of burgers, a box of pork, or a sample box of our beef- or, maybe you just want some ground beef. Our meat is as fresh as it gets! If you want something you do not see, reach out!

What We Offer


At Freedom Farms we practice rotational grazing to keep our cows moving from fresh pasture to fresh pasture. This allows the cows to enjoy the most nutritious grasses making for the most delicious grass-fed, grass-finished beef.


Our pastured chickens spend their entire life on grass. We move them daily so they can enjoy fresh grass and insects making the meat extremely flavorful, delicious, and healthier than "normal" chicken. The best chicken ever!


Our pasture raised pigs spend their days outside on our farm . They enjoy the sunshine and foraging for nuts and worms providing vitamins and nutrients than store bought pork. You will not be disappointed.This pork is delicious.

We Are Freedom Farms

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Enjoy Clean, Fresh, Farm Raised Meat

All of our meats are from animals raised outside, on pasture, and free of hormones and other bad stuff used in commercialized farming practices

Freedom Farms was started by Dana & Lauren Cavalea. The two met in high school and eventually went their separate ways for college and the years that followed.

About a decade later the two reunited and have been on a journey ever since. Lauren spent her career working in news for ABC News, while Coach Dana Cavalea became a World Champion Coach for the New York Yankees. What do you get when a Professional Sports Coach and a News Aficionado get together? You get Freedom Farms.