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Join our 14-Day Carnivore Challenge!

Hosted by World Champion New York Yankees Strength Coach, Coach Dana Cavalea.

Use this 14-Day to reset your body and begin your health and weight-loss journey.

Benefits of The 14-Day Carnivore Challenge:

  • Weight-Loss

  • Elimination of Cravings (Sugar, Snacks, Sweets, Junk Food)

  • Increased Hydration

  • Cleaner Skin/ Skin Tone

  • Elimination of Bloat in the Stomach 

  • Increased Energy

  • Reduced / Eliminated Reflux

  • Stronger Mindset



Utilizing this 14-Day Program, you will be able to not just lose weight- but free yourself of the cravings that cause you to binge eat, crave sugar, and make stop making negative food choices that make you feel like you are addicted to sugar and sweets (because you are).

Coach will help you "JUMP-START" your health and your year so you can make this year your healthiest year yet by eating off-the-farm and using the benefits of meat and clean foods to do so.

What Is Included In The Program?

  • 14-1LB. Packs of Freedom Farms Premium Ground Beef (sent to your door)

  • Carnivore Cheat Sheet with The Carnivore Challenge Game Rules

  • Access to Coach for Q & A

  • DAILY VIDEOS sent right to your inbox to keep you Motivated, Educated, and on Track!


Is this program hard?

Once you get past the initial 24-48 hours, it is smooth sailing and that quickly your body will begin to detox from your sugar cravings.

How much weight will I lose?

This varies based on your discipline- and also how focused you are. We have seen average weight loss in 14-Days of 6-9lbs.

How will I know what to eat?

Coach will provide you your "menu" at the start of the program and give you the game rules! You can still be creative with your choices!

Is 14-Days Really enough to make a change?

100%! 14-Days is a great starting point to reset your body and flush it out- while learning new eating habits and behaviors. Think of this as a "retraining" of how to eat- while also "reconditioning" your typical habits and behaviors through greater food awareness.

Will I have to start myself?

No WAY! That is the fastest way to fail. You will actually feel totally full and satisfied for the whole 14-days. This is not a program about "restriction" but one more of "restructuring"- and as a result, you will find the program truly eye-opening (and you will quickly realize just how easy it is to make great choices to positively influence your energy and waistline!)

Who will be leading the Program?

Coach Dana Cavalea will be leading the program!

He is a World Champion Strength and Performance Coach, winning a World Series with the NY Yankees in 2009. He will be there encouraging you and answering any questions you might have!

Coach has a degree in Sports Medicine, with a background in nutrition to help you optimize your performance and results. He has Coached thousands of high performance athletes, executives, and individuals looking to get healthier by helping them to clean up their diets, their lifestyles, and ultimately, their mindsets.


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