Hi Everyone,

This has been one heck of a week- to the point that Lauren and I had to take a few days off to just clear our heads!

We have lost a few cows this winter and it has been really upsetting for us.

Three of them were giving birth and the baby got stuck- and did not make it. Then, we lost a few calfs due to all the mud and the up and down temperatures.

This is what happens in farming- there are these really somber periods but it is all a part of the vocation.

Rather than stay idle and just sulk over the losses- we have been talking to a lot of customers and many were telling us how much they love their $99-meat boxes...

So, as we were driving yesterday we wanted to take a customers recommendation and launch a new $99-box.. our BURGER PATTIES and SAUSAGE LINKS  Box...

Check it out here.

If you want to check out our other $99-Boxes.. we just restocked them and you can get one, two, three, or all six boxes!

That will give you a total variety of our meats and stock your freezer!

Order your variety of $99-Meat Boxes here.

I remember when we first launched the $99-meat box...

It was a time when inflation was really starting to climb- and our customers were looking for a way to enjoy our meats at an entry-level price... so that is the origin story of the $99 box....

One of the other things we have found that many of our customers are experiencing is this: FEAR OF RUNNING OUT OF MEAT.

They are afraid that at any time our glorious leadership/ government could pull something and leave us scrambling.

Stocking the freezer is the best insurance plan you can invest in.

Full freezers lead to a feeling of calm and control over your food and food supply.

As always- no matter what- we will always be here for you.


Ok- have an awesome day and stay grateful for all the YOU have- our lives are far more abundant than we sometimes believe them to be...

And remember: EAT MEAT, NEVER GO VEGAN :) Meat keeps the spirits high and the body strong and lean!

Have an awesome day everyone!!


Your Farmers, 



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