Hi Everyone,

Happy Cyber-Monday!

We have had a lot of fun over the last few days running some fun specials for you to take advantage of!

Our holiday Prime Rib Roast pre-sale was a HUGE success- we only have a few more roasts available.

Order yours today.

Since today is Cyber-Monday, we are going to do one more sale for the month of November and offer 10% off virtually every item in the store! 

You just have to use the code:
CYBERMONDAY (all one word) at checkout and the discount is yours!

*does not include meat shares or $99 boxes or prime rib

When we think of doing specials like this- the goal is to get you to take action and bring off-the-farm meats to your family table.

It is that simple.

Leave the grocery store, leave commercialized farming and bring farm fresh meats to your family.

They are sure to taste the difference!

We get emails all the time from parents that say things like:

"I can not believe my kid actually likes to eat organ meats by eating your Primal Ground Beef" OR, 

"My son is the pickiest eater but he loves your burger patties"... OR, 

Most recently: "My son James absolutely loves your new BBQ Sauce- he cleaned his whole plate"

We love this.

It makes it real for us and it makes it real for you.

We are not some BIG meat brand that has no face.

We are family farm- with real people working and packing every box.

We are not perfect, but we do our best, always.

But REAL is the key.

In a time of fake- fake meat, fake people, fake lives on social media- we just want to always keep it real with you and let you know the real deal with commercial meat today and what is really going on with our food supply.

Our #1 Goal again is to get families to buy directly from the farm and to know their farmer.

It is so important.

It is old school.

It is the way things used to be, personal.

We want to again thank you for being a part of our farm community and always supporting us with your purchases, with your amazing reviews, and with you notes to us via email and on social media.

Thank you always.

Your repeat orders always make us smile as we say: Oh look- another order from Steven Bunney, Nancy P. or, Allan Cooper, or Silvana, or Vicki Hollister, or Karen Sousa- and so many more of you.

Every one of you mean a lot to us as your orders make this all possible to restore small farms.

Amazing. Respect to you all for taking control of your food supply.

Anyway, take advantage of today's CYBERMONDAY sale!

Order farm fresh meats today!

Have a great day!


Your Farmers, 


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