Hi Everyone,

Just wanted to make today's message to you all short and sweet as I am sure many of you have weekend summer plans!

This week we are expecting A LOT of ground beef back from the butcher on some cows that we had processed...

Like many- we only have so much freezer space so before we get filled to the gills, we wanted to do a GROUND BEEF SPECIAL!

If you buy 10lbs., you get 2lbs. FREE.
If you buy 20lbs., you get 4lbs. FREE.

Our full freezers always will work to your advantage.

Basically, an extra 2 sleeves OR 4 sleeves free of our amazing, PREMIUM ground beef.

You just have to use the code: AMERICANBEEF at checkout...

(you can add 2lbs. or 4lbs. free on our ground beef page- once you place your ground beef order with the code, we know you are wanting our special!)

Order your GROUND BEEF here.

We are running this special from right now until tomorrow night (SUNDAY) at midnight.

We hope you can help us clear the freezers and fill your grills!

Also, you saw the word PREMIUM...

We say that because it is!

Unlike typical store-bought ground beef- which is slimy, chewy, fat, and some weird gray color- our ground beef is the total opposite!

That is because we process young VACCINE-FREE cows that are healthy, hearty, and have been fed ONLY GRASS for their whole life...

And, we are not using SCRAP meat to make it.

We are using premium beef and premium cuts of beef to make it.

This gives the ground beef outstanding flavor for your burgers, meatballs, tacos, meatloaf, or whatever your favorite ground beef recipe is!

We even make it for our dogs, Rocco and Santino and they go CRAZY for it...

Anyway, it is time to head out and do our chores before the sun really turns on during this heat wave!

Thank you all for supporting us and being a part of this AMAZING journey with us...

Have a great weekend!! 

Thank you again!

Your Farmers, 


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