Hi Everyone,

It is a very snowy morning here at the farm.

So, after a morning of chores that means we get to relax a bit and have a farmers lazy day...

In a few weeks, once spring hits those days are over- so, we are going to enjoy maybe one last one here.

We are so ready for spring- the mud begins to dry out in favor of beautiful lush pasture grass.

Our spring begins once our chicks arrive- which will be in about 24-days!

On a family farm, baby chicks arriving are the sign that spring is close.

Some use a groundhog, we use chicks!

As many of you know, we released our
Beef Variety Box in early January...

To say it was a hit was an understatement as in the day we released it, we sold over 60 boxes!

We only had about 10 on hand...

So, we had to book butchering appointments and many lucked out because when they got their meat, well, it was as fresh as you can get!

Today, we are excited to let you know that we have more
Beef Variety Boxes in stock!

What makes these boxes is fun is that they are exactly what they say they are, a VARIETY BOX!

Meaning, you will get a complete mix of ground beef, roasts, and steaks.

Maybe even some meat cuts you have not tried before.

But, that is what makes in fun- trying new things.

What was so cool about the beef variety boxes is that we get amazing notes from customers say: "Guys, I have never tried a tri-tip before, but, I really enjoyed it and it is now one of my favorite cuts!"

For some, well, they used the 
BEEF VARIETY BOX as a way to try our meats- and we have seen many decide on ordering a Whole Cow with their friends, or, even a smaller share where they can choose cuts like our Quarter Cow.

We also wanted to share some other very special news....

This last week, we formed a formal partnership with one of the nations biggest logistics companies, UPS.

We realized that with our Freedom Farms van (as cool as it is) we can not get orders to customers fast enough.

*especially the smaller orders like ground beef, variety boxes, woof-woof dog boxes, and organ meats...

So, as a way to serve our customers better, we will be sending most of those small orders via UPS.

The upside is speed.

We also do not feel comfortable sending our bigger orders like 1/4 cows, 1/2 cows or Whole Cows- so bigger meat shares like these we will still deliver to your door which we love so we can meet each and every one of our amazing customers!

Anyway- this is really exciting for us as a small family farm and is something we are really proud of.

Once again, we wanted to thank you for allowing us the opportunity to grow and bring amazing meat to each family in our region that is looking for clean beef with no hormones, no grain, no corn....

That is what makes us feel so good about the work we do...

We get so many messages about how good the beef tastes- but also from people who have auto-immune issues who now can trust in a family farm meat provider, or, folks who are dealing with chronic inflammation, or even those who are KETO or Carnivore looking for a consistent clean meat source.

Thank you all.

Well, time to go work!

If you want to order you can get one of these limited variety box meat shares, you can by clicking here.

We are also offering FREE delivery on these boxes as well!

Cheers to fresh meat!
 Have an awesome day...

Your Farmers, 


Order your beef variety box today!

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