Hi Everyone,

Happy New Years!

We wanted to be the first to wish you a Happy New Year!

This is a great few days off for most- a time to reflect, spend time with family, and enjoy just being home!

For us, that is exactly what we are doing!

We had our Team Holiday Party last night and had such a blast- talking about the year and how much we enjoyed the thrill of hitting deadlines, meeting so many amazing customers who bought meat shares, and working hard to be "The Amazon of Meat" as Whip says..

These are an amazing group of people who come together each week to make it happen!

Our team is small but mighty- and we work REALLY hard to get each order out on time- coordinating product/ butchery with our butchery team.. so bring you great product....

It takes a village and our small village is so passionate about not just to meat product, but treating each order as a gift..

The team knows you have options- we just challenge ourselves each week to be your favorite option- bringing our farm to your table...

We are so excited for what 2024 has to offer- and all the new customers we will get to meet- so, to get things started, we want to offer you $24-off on your first meat box of 2024! (even though it is still 2023!)...


*good for orders of $99 or greater...

We have lots of fresh meats coming back from our butcher shop next week and are excited to start shipping again on Tuesday!

In 2024 we are going to have some new offerings- and we are pumped to get them to you!

We always like to thank you in each message because your support and trust is that important to us...

🇺🇸 Without you, we have no farm.

🇺🇸 Without you, we can not achieve our goal and mission to keep small farms going...

🇺🇸 Without you, we can not bring farm-to-table meats to customers nationwide...

🇺🇸 Without you, we can not have the impact we want on our small community by providing jobs, agri-tourism, and local dining each time you come to our area...

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!

🇺🇸 Together we keep America strong.

🇺🇸 Together we keep American agriculture safe.

It nurtures a connection between producers and consumers, fostering a sense of shared responsibility for the land, the animals, and the traditions we hold dear.

Have an amazing time ringing in the New Year! God Bless you all!

"Great food, like all art, enhances and reflects a community’s vitality, growth and solidarity. Yet history bears witness that great cuisines spring only from healthy local agriculture." - Chef Rick Bayless

Your Farmers, 

DANA & LAUREN & The Entire Freedom Farms Team

🇺🇸 Order farm-fresh meats today!

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