Hi Everyone,

We just wanted to let you know that we will NEVER use MRNA vaccines on our cattle.

When it comes to vaccinating , "deworming" cattle and handling health issues with cattle- we do it different. Different = Keep It Natural.

First, we deworm our cattle using the pumpkins that we grow in our garden.

Pumpkin is a natural dewormer and works really well.

Unlike many farmers and large cattle operations, we do not give any preventative vaccines as we feel managing our pastures and keeping our babies on their moms as long as possible is the answer to great animal health and resistance to parasites.

There is absolutely no reason to be giving cattle MRNA vaccines. It is not necessary at all. For anyone who has been to the farm, you can watch the cows graze all day on pasture. Also, we have a semi-closed herd which means we are not bringing in new animals from other herds- all are born here.

When we do bring in a few replacement cows (moms)- we work to separate them for a short period of time so they can acclimate and then they become part of the herd.

Risk in cattle comes when you take cows from random farms and breeding operations and then throw them together. Think of it as a lot of germs, from a lot of cows all mixing together. Like sitting in a doctors office- not good!

Anyway- we wanted to clear the air on this so you can have confidence that things are being done right.

Also, this upcoming week are going to begin shipping our 45-Box- so thank you all for your patience!

We got some fresh meats back yesterday and are expecting more back next week!

Also, for those who ordered Burger Boxes- they are heading out next week as well!

The Burger Boxes are 10lbs (20 patties) or 20lbs. (40-patties) so you can get those BBQ grills fired up with a quick meal...

We also have 2-pigs heading in to the butcher this weekend- and another 3-pigs heading in next week so we can get our Pork Variety Boxes to all those who pre-ordered last week!

Anyway- this is really a big time for the farm for a few reasons....

  • Winter is over so now we have to clean up all the land, barn, structures after the melt-off....we just rebuild our barn foundation this past week- and we are almost done with new outdoor pig structures....
  • We need to tend to and manage our fields by re-seeding and liming them for optimal grass production (thanks to our neighbor and veteran Scott Green- he helped us seed our main pastures last week)
  • Next weekend, we till the garden and get it ready for planting all of our summer- fall veggies and those pumpkins we mentioned earlier for deworming...

As a small farm and a small team- we work out butts off to make it happen over here in a timely manner.

So, we are really grateful for all of your support and your patience as we work to get you the most fresh meats we can!

We are so excited for whats to come- the energy around the farm has never been better- and we thank you all for that!

Your support is amazing.

Oh yeah- lastly, we did get A LOT of fresh ground beef in as well last week- so if you would like to help us free-up some space in our freezers- by filling yours- you can order some great Premium Ground Beef today!

Order ground beef.

Ok- well, we have 10 yards of mulch and top soil arriving in about 30-minutes...

Time to go!

Have an awesome weekend!!!

Your Farmers,



  1. avatar Duane Wilcox says:

    Never heard of the pumpkins for deworming. Almanzo yews2 chop them with a shovel(?) for his fathers dairy every afternoon after school. That was years before he met Laura out on the prairie. We use ivermectin for our sheep ss needed,…try to keep worms down by carefully managed grazing. We have used ivermectin oursreves, and respect your position on the mRNA. USDA and big pharma are coming after all commercial livestock. and John Kerry proposes gov’t seizure of small farms. They already have control of the big ones.

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