Hi Everyone,

We are so excited to introduce 4-new options for you to bring our meats to your home!

Today we are introducing our $99 meat bundles!

This was not our idea- but the idea of our customers.

There are many who are looking to try a variety of products- so we wanted to offer 4-options for you to do that!


There is nothing more rewarding than raising animals the right way- and then getting only the best quality meats to our customers.

This week, we not only sent out our largest number of packages to customers, but we had some AMAZING customers come to the farm to see the operation, meet the animals, and learn more about regenerative agriculture.

So cool.

We really are loving this.

Is it a TON of work? Yes.

Is it HARD? Yes.

But, it is so worth it.

Because in life, what is really easy?

Nothing good is easy.

And, in a time where our freedom is under siege, our food supply is being exploited, and these morons are looking to poison us with lab-made meat, and 3D printed meat- we are proud to be on the front line every damn day making sure OUR customers, and OUR team are getting only the best meat- raised the right way.

No vax meat.

Just raised on the land- the way they should be raised.

If you raise animals on good land- and you keep your herd closed and healthy there is no reason to ever use vaccines.

Anyway- rant over :) 

We just want you to know we work really hard as a small team each week to do things the right way, the natural way, and to give you the trust and faith you are getting only the best for you and your family.

Ok- short and sweet today.

Gotta go trim some fence lines and let the turkey's out for a day of roaming the pastures!

Listen- these $99 Meat Bundles are a great way to be introduced to off-the-farm meats and purchasing DIRECT from the supplier aka your farmer!


Thank you all so much for helping this little farm grow!

We are so grateful for it- truthfully.

It helps us keep things running and growing.

Have a great weekend...

Enjoy your family...

Get outside!

Always be proud to be an American and live in the Land of the Free (as nothing is guaranteed- only earned).

Thank you again!

Your Farmers, 


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