Hi Everyone,

We have been working so hard at the farm this summer- truth be told, we are a bit exhausted!

But, we keep going because each day we are inspired by our customers.

Each day we get calls that say...

  • You all are doing Gods work..
  • You all are providing us good food so we do not have to eat lab meat...
  • You all allow us to by direct from the farmer.
  • You all allow us to know exactly where our food comes from

WOW. We do not take this lightly.

In fact, it is what keeps us going on those long days and early mornings. Today, we were packing meat shares for customers on Long Island since 4am...

It is all worth it.

And last week, so many order their labor day boxes (which are headed out this week)... we wanted to do one more Summer Sale to fill your freezers and grills for the remainder of the summer!

Today, we are offering you 10% off ALL our meat boxes and steak grill packs!

So, if you want just some steaks- we got you.

Or, maybe you want a pork variety box or a beef variety box- we got you!

We are so grateful for you choosing us as your "meat" partner...

There is nothing better than meat that comes right from the farm...

All the animals live in a low stress environment and live a great life here on the farm.. we are so proud of that.

We had a few families come up this week for tours- and they felt so tranquil and relaxed watching the animals graze.. there is nothing better and it reflects in the meat...

Anyway, we have to get ready for a few local customers coming for pick-ups this AM... 

If you want to take advantage of the 10% discount on these boxes and grill packs, you can use the discount code:

LABORDAY10  (all one word) at checkout!

This sale will go through Monday night!

We have a full week of packing next week- so there is a good chance if you get your order in it will go out on Monday or Tuesday..

Or, if you are away, no problem- just let us know and we will hold your order till you get home!

Take advantage of this  BIG SUMMER SALE!

Order your meats here!

This grill pack will be limited supply- so get your orders in!

Ok- so, today is a short and sweet message for everyone as we have to run to the butcher shop to pick-up some meat shares for some customers who are coming to the farm for pickup today!

Have an awesome day and an amazing weekend!

As always,  we like to remind you that our meats are 100% VACCINE-FREE and ALWAYS will remain that way. No hormones either!

Thank you for the support!!!

Have a great weekend!! 

Thank you again!

Your Farmers, 


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