A Wild Week At The Farm!!

A Wild Week At The Farm!!
Hi Everyone!- 

This week has been pretty action packed at the farm!

Our meat share orders are continuing to come in! We are very thankful for that!

On Wednesday, Lauren and McKenna took a ride out to the fields and found a baby calf that had been attacked by a Coyote.. 

This happens on the land- as coyotes tend to go after their prey at night and calfs when they are a certain size become prime candidates for them...

We have dogs to prevent it but things do happen.. so that was sad...

Last night, we had to prep a pig for a pig roast..

This process is very "old-school"- the way it was done back in the old days...

Aaron takes care of this- and preps all pigs for local pig roasting...

Which I wanted to bring up because I don't believe we mentioned this!

We do Pig Roasts..

Literally, we take care of the whole thing..
So, if you are thinking of having a pig roast for a corporate event, party, or just for fun with friends- please let us know!

We can take care of the whole process from prepping to cooking!

If you know you want to have a pig roast- you can order your roaster pig now!

Order a roaster pig.

Having a pig roast makes a statement- the statement is: THIS PARTY IS AWESOME!

We also had our Meat Bird Chickens arrive on Thursday! 

We start the birds out inside for 2 weeks- so they can grow and be safe- then we take them out on the land so they can free-range.

A true free-range chicken is absolutely delicious! Our chickens will be ready in about 6-7 weeks from now.. 

So you an add these to your order, or, you can be like many of our other customers who purchase 5-15 at a time!

We can custom from them for you!

Order chicken.

We are also custom growing some Pekin Duck for a customer- they arrived yesterday..

It is poultry week it seems here at the farm!

Lastly, our beef shares are really moving..

A lot of people are reaching out for for 1/8th, 1/4, 1/2, and Whole Cow Shares as they are worried about food prices...

They certainly are going to go up...

Our fuel cost to run our tractors this winter was $200 per week just to feed the animals..

A lot of local farmers are really stressing because all of the machinery we use is fueled by Diesel Fuel- you can see just how expensive that is now at $6.25+ per gallon..

It really kills farmers and as a result, the cost of goods has to go up.

There is no way around it.

So, if you are looking to get a head and stock your freezers with beef and pork- get your order in today and we will lock in your price.

Order beef.

Order pork.

Ok- we are heading out now to pick-up 7- of our pasture raised pigs from the butcher!

Be on the lookout for our new farm video as well!

Thanks again for supporting small farms and your local farmers.

Your Farmers,


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