The Meat Is Arriving!!

The Meat Is Arriving!!
Hi Everyone!-

Another great week at the farm!
The days have been super long with a 4am wakeup and a 10:30-11pm shutdown..

We are now in the full swing of things- getting the grounds ready and corrected after a rough winter...

Fixing the fence so all our pigs can now head outside and begin aggressively foraging after the winter....

And watching over our 150+ birds... from meat birds to egg layers to Pekin Ducks!

People often ask what makes our farm different- and #1 it is how we raise the animals.

We work hard to get our grasses to be the best they can be and get all our animals outside so their meat and their systems can be the healthiest they can be by eating from and off the ground.

The same is true for us- when we eat animals and foods that are directly from the source and are eating off the land, there is tremendous health benefits and the taste of the meat is much, much different.

Just yesterday we got a call from a customer:

"Dana, we loved stopping by the farm and your bacon is the best we ever had. We didn't know you smoked it and the smell makes our house smell so good. The steak we just cooked was amazing!"

This is what we love to hear.

Now, as a custom raiser and a farm that does custom processing, we have only so much supply and when it runs out, we are out till next year.

So if you are considering meats for the summer, either pork, chicken, or beef, or all three like many of our customers purchase- please get your deposits in now so we can prepare and make sure you have your shares of meat.

As you all know, the costs are rising dramatically at the stores, and they are only going up when diesel fuel is at $6.50/ gallon + for farmers.

Let's all get ahead of things and fill our freezers!

You can see ordering links below to all of our products, including roaster pigs (which we can take care of the whole process) if you are thinking of doing a pig roast this summer!

Btw- how cool is that when you go to a party or event and see a whole pig roasting!

Anyway- order links are below.

We hope you can join and become a part of our farming community!

**ALSO, we have a new video on youtube, the link is below as well if you scroll down.

That is it for now- it is time for a busy day of delivering meats to customers and we have many that are coming to the farm today for pick-ups!!

Order a roaster pig.

Order chicken.

A lot of people are reaching out for for 1/8th, 1/4, 1/2, and Whole Cow Shares...

Order beef.

And 1/2 & Whole Pig Shares!
Order pork.

Thanks again for supporting small farms and your local farmers.

Your Farmers,

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