Are You Coming?

Are You Coming?


Hi Everyone,

This is a really special week for us at the farm.

It is Freedom Week.

The week that we host Freedom Fest at the farm for all of our customers, friends, family, and our community!

This is a great day where we get to celebrate our freedom- we get to enjoy great farm-to-table meats, some live music, and fun for all.

It is also a great way to get those who order from us to come up and see the farm!

We want you to be really connected to where your food comes from- so this is a great chance to do it!

Last year we had over 350 in attendance- and this year we are going for more!

We really hope you can make it.

It is this Saturday, from 1pm-6pm at Freedom Farms
(237 Ott Rd. GREENE, NY 13778)

And- the weather is supposed to be AMAZING!

We hope you can come party with us!

Just 3hrs. from the GW Bridge and NYC!

Who doesn't love upstate NY this time of year!

And for those who want to be here- but can't make it- you can still order your meats below!

We have a few cows headed to the butcher this weekend that have some shares available...

One has a half-of-a-cow share available. Reserve it here.

Another has a 1/4-of-a-cow share available. Reserve it here.

Or, for those that missed our weekend special, we are just launching our PRIMAL, ANCESTRAL GROUND BEEF.

This past weekend alone, customers have order hundreds of pounds of it that Callan and the team are processing right now!

So, if you are looking for a way to get organ meat into your diet, this is the best way. Ground beef mixed with organ meat.


Anyway, today is a busy day of weed-whacking, mowing, and getting the farm ready for all of you amazing freedom-lovers who are coming to the farm for a day of FUN!

This event means so much to us.

We pay for everything- so it is 100% free.

It is our THANK YOU to all of you who have supported us from our start till now.

We really do hope you can make it so we can meet each of you.

We never wanted to be a faceless meat company- just another online store.

We want you to know us, and us to know you.

Anyway, love session over :)  time to get to work.

Have an awesome day!

As always,  we like to remind you that our meats are 100% VACCINE-FREE and ALWAYS will remain that way. No hormones either!

Your Farmers, 


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