Our NEWEST $99 Beef Bundle

Our NEWEST $99 Beef Bundle


Hi Everyone,

As we prepare for our big Freedom Fest Party today- we wanted to let you know that our $99 Meat Bundles were such a huge hit a few weeks ago, we wanted to let create another for you to enjoy!

Today we are introducing our $99 Premium Ground Beef and Steak Bundle!

This again was not our idea- but the idea of our customers.

So, we listened. 

We built this brand 100% on the ideas and recommendations of our customers. You have a say here. We do listen. This is your brand/ farm as much as it is ours and we want you to know that.

There are many who are looking to try a variety of products- so we wanted to offer a meat bundle that has two of our best-sellers, Ground Beef & Steaks!


Our ground beef is very different- and for those who have had it- you know the difference.

Unlike most grocery stores who are literally engineering ground beef from scrap and crap meat, we do it different.

It is premium which means we use high quality meat/ parts of the cow and the meat certainly reflects it.

It is not chewy and fatty like most ground meat at your grocery store or butcher shop.

And for the steaks, well, you may get a Delmonico (boneless ribeye) or an amazing Sirloin, or a Ribeye or Filet, or a combination of the above!

No matter what, the steaks are amazing.

100% Grass-Fed and GRASS-FINISHED.

You see, the finishing is key.

Unlike most farms, we do not stuff our cows with grains and corn before they are harvested- we keep them on grass the entire time.

This means we feed them what their system desires and is built to process.

What does this do for the meat?

Well, because they are on grass- our beef will have higher levels of OMEGA 3-FATTY ACIDS. This is much the reason why most people choose fish over beef- but our beef, grass-finished beef rivals fish in omegas.

Health claims have reported that grass-fed beef showed 62% lower fat content, 65% lower SFA, and greater concentrations of omega-3 fatty acids and conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) compared to grain-fed beef (Ziehl et al., 2005).

Anyway, we also have (10)- $99 Steak and Chop Bundles we added as well. These have been sold out for the last few weeks but are back in a VERY limited supply.

Order your steak and chop bundle here.

Anyway- we have a HUGE day today at the farm.


We are expecting over 400 people and it will be an awesome farm party...

You all are invited to spend the day on the farm with us listening to 2 Bands, Enjoying Our Pig Roast, and Freedom Farm Meats.. all for free, on us- as our thank you to YOU.

Ok- gotta run.

Time to set up the tables and feed the animals before a wild day!

Thank you again.

We love you all.

Thank you for always supporting us and being a major part of our journey to the best  farm-to-table meats and to restoring the American food system by buying direct from your farmer!

We really are loving this.


Thank you all so much for helping this little farm grow!

Your Farmers, 


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