Can You Trust Your Local Butcher?

Can You Trust Your Local Butcher?
Hi Everyone!-

We hope you had an awesome Thanksgiving- next up, Christmas and New Years :) 

Time really flies..

It is amazing.

Today, I wanted to talk to you about something that I have hesitated on for a while but I do think it is very important because it is something that needs to be discussed...

That is your local butcher shop.

Most people think their local butcher shop has the best quality meats- and the truth is many of them have the best DISPLAYED meats...

The truth is most butchers and shops have no idea where their meat comes from outside of the supplier/ purveyor that brings it to them on a weekly basis...

Don't believe me?

Ask them what farm the animal was raised on?


How long ago was it that the animal was on pasture?

Or, make it even easier, what state was the animal raised in?

Ok, one more, what was it fed?

You see, the butcher shop of today is not the butcher shop of old.

The old shops knew exactly where the meats came from because many bought right from the farms!

So it was easy to answer these questions...

But today, most beef is processed in giant plants- which accept most of their beef from large feed-lots in the mid west.

The truth is, the beef from your butcher is not much different at all than the beef you could buy at your grocer- it is just marketed different.

Much of this wholesale beef, pork, and chicken in this country comes from billion dollar companies like: CARGILL, SYSCO, TYSON, JBS USA, SMITHFIELD FOODS, NATIONAL BEEF PACKING CO, HORNEL, CONAGRA, AND PURDUE.

Last week I was watching a special on a well known beef company in NYC, Pat LaFrieda and saw a box of meat from National Beef in their shop- so even they are buying from the big guys.

We started Freedom Farms so you did not have to do that.

You can buy from a local farm and local farmers.

Our meats go from the farm, to the local- family owned USDA processor, to your table.

No middle steps.

No feed lots.

No garbage.

Just local farmers supplying NY raised beef, pork, and pasture raised chickens.

You see- we have gotten away from how things should be.

We have added steps where everyone gets a piece of the pie- and as a consumer we are left with lower quality beef, pork, and chicken.

Even the eggs that are sold at stores- all incubated and from chickens that never see the outside.

Just look at the difference of a Freedom Farms egg yolk and even your expensive store bought egg- totally different.

At Freedom Farms we are not only working to educate the consumer- but to create a local food movement of buying your proteins off the farm.

It is WHY we added our delivery truck this year as well- to make it EASIER and more convenient for you to live a healthier life with the cleanest meats and proteins available.

Thank you for reading today- we want to keep you informed.

We are 100% committed to getting you the best meats- that is what we do!

If you are looking to fill your freezer- you can click the links below!




*all shares are custom cut, vacuum sealed, frozen, and boxed.

We hope that you all enjoy the rest of your weekend.....

And remember, your farmers are here working for you and this great country every single day!

Thank you so much for being a part of our farm community!

Your Farmers,


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