What is Beef Tallow?

What is Beef Tallow?

Hi Everyone, we hope you had a great week!

This morning has been another busy Saturday- up @4am and we are headed to Long Island, Brooklyn, Queens, Oakland-NJ, and Dover Plains!

Needless to say, it is going to be a busy and long day- but seeing how happy our customers are when the Freedom Van shows up (take pics and share!) is 100% worth it!

It is a great gift being able to share our Freedom Farms meats with local families that are just looking to get closer to eating off the land and know that farm-fresh meats are the answer to better health, vitality, and life!

There is something special about ditching the store-bought, low quality meat in exchange for real, farm-raised meat.

*Today's topic of suet is by special request from one of our best customers, Ryan Boyle of Westchester. Our community of Freedom loving meat eaters makes us all better!

When you order farm-fresh meats from us, you can also get parts of the cow/ pig that are not readily available or available at all in the store.

One of those things is: SUET

Suet, when rendered down can be used to create Beef Tallow.

Suet is actually a specific fat that surrounds the kidneys of the cow.

Once rendered down into suet, you can use it for baking, greasing, or even for making candles and soaps!

Some people believe that tallow is actually an ancient super-food!

*We have had many skin care companies reach out to us to provide them with the suet so they can make tallow and infuse into their skin care lines..

Eating suet provides nourishment to cell membranes and can improve your skin. Once rendered, you can even make your own skin cream by mixing it with coconut oil to create a cream!- bet ya didn't know that!

The sad part is, with so many benefits, most of our customers shy away from the suet because they do not know what to do with it..

But, it is one of the cleanest sources of cooking fat you can use to grease a pan, cook eggs with, and it will help you to shy away from seed oils which we know are SO bad for us.

So, how do we make tallow from suet?

Here is a simple recipe:


1. Start with 2-5 lbs of suet. Coarsely chop your suet or simply break chunks apart with your hands. If you can’t render the suet immediately when you get it, store it in the freezer. Do not worry about refreezing slightly-thawed suet – it’s almost pure fat and as a result, will not suffer from being re-frozen.

2. Put the suet into a large pot with 1” water on the bottom

3. Cook your suet over low/medium heat for 2-3 hours with a lid propped on top – not fully covering the pot but with enough space for steam to escape as it all cooks down. You want to “melt” it low and slow to avoid burning. The water will boil off after an hour or so and you will hear the bubbling fat.

4. After all the suet has melted, the leftover bits have browned, and are floating on top of the liquid fat, remove your pot from the burner to allow it to cool slightly.

5. Strain the browned bits from the liquid fat by straining your tallow through a colander lined with cheesecloth. (we scoop out the bigger bits first, just so it’s a little easier)

6. Transfer your liquid tallow to glass jars and allow it to cool to a solid at room temperature.

To think, all of these benefits can come from a part of the cow that most people just dismiss!

All of our beef shares come with suet included in you desire it!

Beef, when raised right is one of the cleanest meats to eat and the cow produces many benefits for who consume the meat.

Lauren was reading a book a few months ago, recommended by one of our amazing customers Lyn May, that discussed how the cows-4-stomachs actually act as a filtering system making beef one of the cleanest meats we can consume.

So, as the winter arrives and the shortest day of the year comes and goes- think about ordering some beef so you can have amazing stews, chilis, and other beef-rich meals! Thanks Ryan!

Order Beef.
Order Pork.
Order Ground Beef.

Well, we hope this newsletter was not just an easy read- but provided some value on how you can infuse tallow into your diet.

Have an awesome day...

Your Farmers, 



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