Hi Everyone,

We always like to think about ways that we can provide you with the freshest foods for you and your family- so, we are doing that with our most recent partnership!

This is exciting because it is totally in line with our mission of providing healthy, home-made food to you and your family, but also working to stimulate our local economy here in farm country through strategic partnership with other like-minded people- and local businesses doing things the right way.

That is why we decided to partner with Liz and Ed, the owners of Bonnies right here in Greene.

Funny story- when Lauren and I first looked at the farm, after our pasture walk of 2hrs. with the previous owner we were starving...

Everything in town was closed- except Bonnies.

So, we went there, had the best grilled cheese sandwiches ever- and had a great time talking with the staff. 

They made us feel right at home and still do every time we go there (which is whenever we get a chance!)

After tasting their breads -  we were so hooked.

Then- we found out why!

They are 100% home-made and both Liz and Ed are trained in the culinary arts from SUNY Delhi culinary school- and have been all over the world cooking and enhancing their skills. 

So cool- and here they are right in Greene, NY sharing their gifts with the town- and now you!

We figured if we already sell amazing hamburger meat and patties (buy some here)- we should probably have the buns to match! 

You can now order Bonnies amazing hamburger buns right from our store.

(Order Bonnies Hamburger Buns)

As we always say- when we got into this we knew we could make an impact on the way families eat and think about food- but also on rural areas like Greene.

Working together with our passionate people just makes everything better.

To learn more about Liz, Ed, and Bonnies- we put their bio on the product pages of all their breads. 

When you know where your food comes from- you can then have peace of mind that you can have control over your food supply. We keep things small, we keep things local for that exact reason.

Btw- speaking of bread- have you ever looked at the ingredient listing on the bags of bread you buy at the store? Crazy. What is half that stuff?

Again- we hope you decide to give Bonnies Breads a try- you will love them.

The english muffins and cinnamon bread are delicious too!

Anyway- we just wanted to take the time to introduce Liz AND Ed today and let you know what was going on here at the online store!

We are also totally restocked on fresh hamburger patties
(Still our top seller) that were just cut last week-so order them today!

Order fresh burger patties.

All of your purchases help the farm grow- and you are also helping our local economy here. From our butchers to the local feed company to the other local vendors we work with on a day to day basis (the mechanics for the van, the farm help, local hay farmers, the farm supply store, the local fuel company)

Thank you for always thinking about us as your #1 choice to bring you the best farm-to-table meats.

We really appreciate it.

Well, we have some meat-share pick-ups at the farm this morning- so gotta go!

Have an awesome weekend!

Your Farmers, 


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