How To Cook Grass-Fed, Grass-Finished Beef

How To Cook Grass-Fed, Grass-Finished Beef


Hi Everyone,

We are getting ready for a great day of learning here at Freedom Farms.

We spent the entire day with legendary grazing expert, Greg Judy going over the farm yesterday- and man do we have a lot of work to do...

We learned so much.

From how important it is to keep the ponds super clean (by putting electric fencing around them)- as a cow is over 50% water and just how essential fresh water is in growing calves as efficiently as possible.

He also told us we have some amazing grasses on the farm (blue-grass, alfalfa, red/ white clover, orchard grass) but if we do not keep the cows trampling the ground in a more aggressive manner- it will not allow these grasses to truly come through and weeds can come as a result..

Also- that over-grazing the land is a huge problem- and that mother nature will put weeds on your pasture to keep the cows off so that she can repair her land- wild stuff. So, if you want to avoid weeds, you must be very specific with how long cows can stay on a certain pasture.

Today, we are excited to host over 25 farmers today from as a far way as Rhode Island who are looking to take part in this great workshop...

We are thrilled so that we can bring you only the best grass-fed beef, pastured pork, and pastured chickens by managing our farm the best way possible.

Also, last night we sat around the table outside just talking for about 5hrs.. and one of the topics that came up was GRASS-FED BEEF and how to cook it...


Grass-fed, grass-finished beef means the cow has has NO grain- and as a result, the fat content is lower. This does not mean it is not marbled, just less fat so high cooking temperatures and over-cooking can hockey-puck the meat pretty quickly..

When you are cooking our meat- take it at most to a medium preparation.. Also, another critical step is making sure that you are bringing the meat to ROOM TEMPERATURE before you place it on the grill. Cooking cold meat is will not allow for the expansion of flavor like that of room temperature meats

It will get there quickly..

For those who like their meat a little more on the rare side- you are going to love this meat as it will throw some truly amazing flavor...

Most beef preparation in the US requires sauces, salts, and marinades because the meat has no flavor- but not this meat- it is plentiful in the flavor department.

Last night we had our amazing burger patties again- and the flavor was phenomenal- bursting with flavor of the beef.

Also, if cows are fed grains, it alters their gut PH and can actually make a cow more sickly (hence why so many vaccinate) and can actually promote parasitic activity in the gut- making for meat that is just not good.

It is that exact process of graining, corning, and vaccinating that gives us, the consumers and inflammatory response to beef.

This is how we got into this farming thing...

Lauren would eat beef from restaurants, grocery stores, and butcher shops- we would cook- and her face would inflame..

Her physiology was telling us something...

That something is that grain fed meat is acidic and as a result is inflammatory by nature.

The cows are simple.

It is critical to feed them in a way that is in line with how they are physiologically and systematically designed... and that is by eating grass.

Anyway- we also have some whole, 1/2, 1/4, and 1/8th meat shares available for 2-cows we have heading to the butcher next week if you are looking to buy in bulk... (you can order below)

Order Beef.
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If you have never tried a meat share- a 1/8th COW to a Whole Cow- give it a shot- it is the best bang for the buck and many of our customers split with friends and family...

We do the same with our pigs as well- a 1/4 PIG to a Whole Pig..

Anyway, thank for taking the time to learn more about your food and farm-raised meats...

We are so pumped to get going today- the next order of business is getting a screen set up for Greg's projector in the barn!

First time having a class in the barn- pretty cool.

Lastly- since UPS was on a limited schedule this past week and so many were away on vacation- we did not ship orders.

We will be packing boxes like a small factory this week to get out as many orders as we can.

We are a small family farm- and not a BIG enterprise so we want to thank all of you for your patience!

Lauren's dad will be heading up again this week to help us speed things up!

Thank you as always for your support.

We would not be able to do this and keep this dream alive without you and your support.

SO grateful for it.

Thank you!! 

Talk to you soon!

Your Farmers, 


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