It's TIME To PRE-ORDER Your Chicken!

It's TIME To PRE-ORDER Your Chicken!


Hi everyone!

Well, it was -35 degrees at the farm yesterday.

It was the type of cold we have never felt before.

As a result, the roads are like ice skating rinks and our trucks won't start because the batteries are frozen (and, the hoods are frozen shut so we can not even open them).

We spent most of the day yesterday packing beef variety boxes and checking on our new baby calves to make sure they are safe and can make it through the cold. 

We actually bought jackets for them so we may have the most fashionable calves in New York State.

But, the good news is that the Groundhog saw his shadow so in a few short weeks, the temperature will rise!

Which means, it is time to start thinking about chicken!

👉 Since agriculture requires a lot of planning, every February we put in our chick order for our upcoming season! So, if you are planning on ordering chicken this spring/ summer- now is the time to order!

Our first batch of chicks will arrive in March and it will take about 9-10 weeks to grow them out! 

👉 Order your chickens today!

When you order your chickens today- we are custom raising them for you!

Your order comes in- and we order your chickens and raise them with lots of love and care so you can enjoy!

*And, if you have special requests, like halving or quartering, we can often get that done for you (just message us after your order)

Now, a little about our chickens...

All of our chickens are raised outside. 

Almost all chicken that is store bought is raised inside- even the "good" brands.


Well, it is easier and safer to raise animals inside when you are talking about mass production.

For us, there is large risk when raising chickens outside.

The #1 risk is predators...

The #2 risk is weather...

The #3 risk is they can attack themselves if they are not moved daily and managed as they get bigger in size...

But, the chicken tastes incredible- so we do it the right way and keep the chickens in their natural environment!

Succulent. Clean. And- absolutely delicious.

No slime or store bought smell.

Also, unlike most of the farms, even family farms, we raise Freedom Ranger birds.

They are brown in color and take a few weeks longer to grow- but, there is a noticeable difference in their taste.

👉 So if you are ready to order some chickens for this year- now is the time! Order here.

Also, remember, because the chickens are eating off the ground which accounts for 75% of their food intake, that means the need for supplemental food is reduced.

That simply means we get to keep the birds as natural as possible and the ground provides so many nutrients.

Anyway, thank you as always for taking the time to read this and for being a part of our farm family!

You have allowed us to keep this passion going.

Thank you as always!!

Now, it is time to see if we can get these trucks going so we can get some orders out this weekend!

Have an awesome day...

Your Farmers, 


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