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Hi Everyone,

We are back on the road again this morning! 

With stops today in: Westchester County: South Salem, NY (2 stops), Long Island: Copiague, East Islip, Centereach, Huntington and New Jersey: Closter (2 stops) and Midland Park.

If you see the van- give a honk!

Today is also a HUGE day for us at the farm because it is the official start of Meat-Share Season.....

We have all of our butchers appointments set with our USDA processor and are ready for take our Spring/ Summer reservations for customers looking for meat shares.

What is a meat share?

A meat-share is for those looking for a 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, or Whole Cow....

Or, those looking for a 1/4, 1/2, or Whole Pig!

Or, maybe you are looking to do a pig roast this summer and are looking to reserve a whole pig for your roast!

This is our favorite time of year and we tend to fill up really fast.

We also fill the orders as they come in- so last year our waiting list was about 3-months long.

With that said, this year we are asking if you are thinking of a meat-share, get your deposits in NOW!

You can get your deposit it and then also let us know if there is a specific month your desire your share and we can do our best to make that happen for you!

👉 Order your meat share!

Some of you may want to know the steps of HOW the meat share works...

Step 1: Choose your share size (1/8, 1/4, 1/2, or Whole...

Step 2: We will schedule your butcher appointment and tag your animal! 
*when you put your deposit down, that animal becomes yours!

Step 3: You will then fill out a cut sheet where you fill out the cuts you desire and we will then submit that to the butcher...

Step 4: Once your animal is headed in for processing, we will let you know!

Step 5: Your cow/ pig will be ready in 3-4 weeks...

We can even deliver it to you! Or, you can come to the farm for pick-up!

It is a simple process and one that our customers really love! 

Fun Facts on Our Farm/ Beef/ Pork:

  1. We use zero vaccines or hormones on our animals
  2. We believe that the ground and healthy soil provide what the animals needs- so we keep things super natural
  3. We believe in keeping our animals outside- so all of our cows are outside all year long.
  4. We do not just believe in Grass-Fed, but most importantly Grass-Finished- meaning our cows eat grass from start to finish- no grain, corn, or anything else!
  5. We love what we do and spend time with our animals daily- and if you want to come do a tour this spring/ summer- we would love to show you what we do!

Why do people love meat shares?

Well, you can get specific from the cuts you want, the thickness of your cuts, and we can even get some speciality cuts for you as well! (if the butcher can do it!).

You will also get a bulk share of meat at a great price... and we all know having a full freezer of grass-fed, grass-finished beef or pastured pork always makes us feel a bit more confident!

It is fun too...

Many of our customers throw meat parties with their friends too....

We show up and friends and family are all there waiting for their split of the cow or pig!

It is truly our favorite time of year....

So, again, if you are ready to reserve your share, or even if you think you are going to want one, now is the time!

Ready to make my deposit for my meat share! (Click here)

We also have a few "Try-It Boxes" still available- as we had over 25- customers take advantage of our new "Try-It Box" still available...

❤️ Order your Beef TRY-IT Box today!


Lastly, for those of you that are looking for some info on the farm- this time of year is really special for us because the snow is clearing out off the pastures and you can feel that spring is near.

We were looking at the cows yesterday and were saying, "They are so excited to get some fresh grass." 

Our hay is highly nutritious as we make sure to only produce quality hay- but the truth is, nothing is better than what comes out of the ground.

Pasture management is really important to us-  so as we really get our regenerative growing methods humming this year- we felt that using sheep and goats to comb the pasture and eat anything the cows do not want would be a great idea...

So when you all come to the farm- you will have a chance to meet our (2) sheep, Millie and Nellie, as well as our (4) goals, April, Spring, Lilly, and Oliver...

Also known as our pasture management team or grounds crew!

By using animals to do the work, we are able to keep the tractors off the field and do things as natural as possible..

Which is always our goal....

And with that being said, none of our cows / animals are given vaccines...

I repeat this weekly since so many of our customers are concerned...

And, we never will give them any either!

So, you can rest assured your meat is clean, clean, clean....

Ok, time to get out and work....

Have an amazing day....

Take advantage of the meat-share... you will be glad you did!

Your Farmers, 


Reserve your meat share today!

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