Hi Everyone,

We hope you had an amazing week.

This week was big for us in that all the snow melted off the pastures.

Which means, we are close to seeing some fresh grass.

All winter our cows have been on pasture- eating 3-4 (800lb.) bales of hay each day.

There are (2) types of hay we feed our cows.

The first is called: DRY HAY.

It is exactly that- hay that has never been wet and once it is cut and dried it goes right in the barn.

The second is called: BALEAGE.

It is a hay that is a bit wet and then it is immediately wrapped in white wrapping.

The hay gets really sweet over time as the grasses break down and ferment a bit and the cows absolutely love it.

The whole idea is to keep the cows getting their proteins through the hay so that they can grow through the winter and not lose any weight.

The last thing our cows get is called: FREE-CHOICE MINERAL.

These are blocks of minerals and granulated minerals that are in a tub for the cows to eat as they need them.

It is amazing- they know EXACTLY what they need.

This is what our whole model is built on: LET THE ANIMALS BE NATURAL.

Too often farmers make decisions for the cows to benefit themselves...

Like, stuffing a cow with corn and grain so it gets big and "tasty"....

But, the extra fat just burns off when cooked so what is the point?

And, that grain and corn goes against the cows natural stomach and food utilization system....

We keep our cows 100% grass-fed at all times as it provides them their natural feeding source- grass.

And, it also keeps them in a healthy PH-BALANCE which prevents illness...

Fortunately, we have had great health with our herd with this method and our customers have loved the results and the taste of the meat.

For those who are interested, our MEAT-SHARE is open!

Think of a Meat-Share as COSTCO for meat buying....

You will get a larger portion of meat at a better price- and the quality will be the best you have ever had.

Last year, we had over 400+ customers participate in our meat-share and they loaded their freezers...

Some shares, like the 1/8 last about 6-8 weeks...

The 1/4 share lasts on average about 3-4 months...

A 1/2 share, closer to 6-months...

A Whole Cow, well, 8-12 months...

Obviously, the size of your family will determine your eating/ burn rate... but there is something really special about having a full freezer- especially these days!

If you are ready to put a deposit down on your share, now is the time!


What is also great about a meat-share is that you are going to get a bit of everything (AND, for share sizes of 1/8 or larger, you get to fill out a cut-sheet that we send to the butcher with instructions on how you want things.)

You can choose your thickness on cuts...

What cuts you would like...

And, it is a totally custom experience.

If you look at the cows picture above, you will see how many cuts are associated with a cow...

The beef-share also introduces you to some cuts you maybe never considered or tried that are amazing... like a flank steak, or, hanging tenderloin....

Also, here are some frequent questions we get...

How does my meat come in the meat-share program?

  • All of your meat will be cut, frozen, vacuum sealed and boxed!
How long does the meat last?
  • Your meat will be sealed tight and will last over a year!
How long does it take to get my share?
  • We take orders in a first-come, first-serve basis, so once you get in a deposit, you are guaranteed a share...
  • Most of our customers will get their share within 4-6 weeks, sometimes sooner!
  • Also, if you are wanting a share for a certain time of year, you can get your deposit in now and then email us to let us know when you want your share and we can schedule that accordingly!
How many boxes of meat should I expect?
  • 1/8 = 2 boxes
  • 1/4 = 3 boxes
  • 1/2 = 6 boxes
  • Whole = 12 boxes
Can I split the share with friends and family?
  • Absolutely, many of our customers do this and have MEAT-UPS or MEAT-Parties to split their meats or greet us upon arrival when our van arrives to drop off you meat...
Do you vaccinate your animals or use hormones?
  • NEVER. ABSOLUTELY NOT. This is 100% NOT a part of our program and it never will be.

Our farm and business was built on The-Meat-Share... so we have great pride in it and know just how many customers have enjoyed it and the knowingness they have a full freezer of the best quality meats for them and their families.


Lastly, we get customers ask why we do not just sell by the cut...

Our answer right now is this: We just do not have the inventory to do it as we do not keep stocked freezers. All of our meats are as fresh as can be because we send on a cow, get the meat back, and have all pre-sold to customers for the freshest possible meats.

For a small, non-commercial family farm inventory is tough.

First, it is VERY expensive to keep inventory.... 

Second, a cow only has so many prime cuts, like a NY Strip, Skirt, Ribeye, or Filet...

So to build an inventory we would have to bring in at least 10+ cows at a time and at this point we are just not there...

We are doing our best and we hope in the future to be!

This is also why we started offering some smaller boxes for those looking for less than the meat share offers...

Boxes like: 


But, as we said, the Meat-Share is what makes Freedom Farms special and it is what we do best!

We hope you order a meat-share to find out!

Well, time to go as we have a full day ahead of getting the farm ready for spring... and we have a fresh delivery of hay coming this afternoon for the cows!

Have an amazing week....

Thank you for trusting us as your farmers!

Your Farmers, 


Order your Beef TRY-IT Box today!

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