Hi Everyone,

We got A LOT of pork back from our amazing butcher yesterday- so that means it is SALE TIME for you!

This is not your typical, disgusting store bought pork that is pale and dead- this is farm raised pork. Totally different.

So many have abandoned pork eating over the years because they have been "hurt" by the commercial pork industry which raises mass production pigs in large indoor facilities.

That is not how you raise pigs if you want great taste and optimal health for the animal.

All of our pigs live outside- in a natural environment.

This gives the meat tremendous flavor, color, and health.

And- it should give you peace of mind that you have broken out of the contaminated, BIG-FOOD system in favor of farm-raised meat.

That is why we do this- that is why we farm this way because it is GOOD for us.

Like Hippocrates said, "Let food be thy medicine"..

Food can heal you- and give you tremendous health and energy when you eat farm-fresh, not grocery store "fresh"...

The time to make the shift for you and your family is now.

The food supply is getting worse by the day and you can literally bring the farm raised food right to your door.

We are not a big meat purveyor, or another "meat-box" company (where most of which do not even own a farm, ex: butcher box, good chop, good ranchers)- these are marketing companies..

So, if you are ready to literally buy off the farm, especially some pork, we have a fun sale today!

We are offering 10% on all our pork boxes if you use the code: PORK10 at checkout!
**order must be $99 or more....

We do not run pork sales often because we go through our inventory very quickly- but today is a new day!

Ok- well, gotta go and start the day... we have our turkeys headed in for processing tomorrow.... so today will be a busy prep day....

Thank you as always for all the support. 

Have a great day!


Your Farmers, 


We are offering 10% on all our pork boxes if you use the code: PORK10 at checkout!

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