The American Food Supply..

The American Food Supply..


Hi Everyone,

We hope you had a great week! We have been restocking meats for the holidays and taking a little time off this week to celebrate our anniversary (Lauren and I finally got a few days off!)

Over the last few days, we were with some friends and we got talking about food- and also how sick so many people are- dealing with everything from auto-immune diseases, to diabetes, to cancer.

I know- not the most positive topic- but our friends are also in the food industry so it's a common subject for us...anyway...

WE are a sick country- and the truth is, we are sick for a reason.

That reason goes beyond a more sedentary lifestyle- and moves more towards food.

When you study food today, you realize the majority of it is "ENGINEERED FOOD"...

Meaning, it is developed and created by man (or woman).

Don't believe me?

Check out a bottle of Hellmanns Mayo when you are in the store- read the label. Or, buy a bag of Barnum and Bailey animal crackers that so many give as a snack to their kids - all bio-engineered.

These are just two of thousands of examples.

Now, many of you may not know, but my background is in Nutrition, Sports Medicine, and Performance Training/ Coaching.

I spent my entire career as a performance coach and head strength coach for the World Champion NY Yankees (not the non-champions that are playing now)- and my job was to utilize food and training to optimize player performance...

That meant, we used food to increase energy...

We used food to lean out the players and get their body-fat down...

We used food to help them repair after physical training...

And do you know what the magic foods were?

They were meat products.

Filled with clean protein...

This is why we are also seeing so many succeed on The CARNIVORE Diet today- because instead of processed foods, or bio-engineered foods, people are choosing the most clean meats possible to change their bodies...

And the change goes beyond the physical aesthetics...

They are seeing psoriasis go away, eczema disappear, they are watching themselves get off of metformin and other diabetic pills, and most importantly they are seeing their faces and bellies slenderize, and they are feeling the inflammation in their body disappear...

I GUARANTEE if you are able to get yourself moving carnivore- in just a few weeks you will see a total transformation. 

It really is amazing.

And the baseline change agent is the beef.

Beef, when farm-raised, and raised free of corn, soy, grain, hormones, and vaccines is the cleanest thing one can eat today. (outside of an ice cube).. 😂

Think about it- what is more pure than grass-only beef.


At our farm, that is all we raise and we do so because of the high content of OMEGA- 3's (the same omegas that are in fish) and and CLA which is conjugated linoleic acid (known to speed up weight-loss and burn fat, naturally).

Now, we are not talking about FEED-LOT beef or grocery store beef or grain-fed beef of any kind. We are talking about our farm-raised beef here.

I promise this will change your life.

One of my top meals is 3-farm-raised eggs, and 1/4 lb. of our ground beef.  A great power-lunch of breakfast- loaded with protein and it will keep you not only full- but totally energized without a drop in energy as the day goes on.

I am telling you- contrary to what can be said about beef (and the cow farts that are destroying the world- yeah right!) if you can move towards that carnivore lifestyle- your life will change and fast.

Over the last few weeks we have sold thousands of pounds of ground beef to customers looking to improve their health through beef.

It is amazing.

50lbs. at a time some are purchasing- because they know the power it has when it is used as a dietary change-agent.

I hope you give it a shot and see the value because it is 100% there- and can totally turn your health game around- and do it in a way that is simple, easy, and most importantly GOOD! Good tasting!

Anyway, not to be preachy today but it just pisses me off to see so many struggle with their weight and health and how our BIG FOOD system is lying to us with all this mass-produced, engineered food when we literally have gold walking our pastures.

If you are looking for some ground beef- or even an 20lbs. variety box of beef... you can put your order in today!

Or, maybe you are finally ready to take the leap and fill your freezer with a whole cow, half cow, or a quarter cow- and build your food supply! You can do that too!

Whatever fits your lifestyle..

Anyway, time to enjoy two more days off before Monday hits and we have all of our order to get out!

For those waiting on their orders- we start shipping again on Monday and also, for those who ordered turkeys, they will be processed on November 10th and shipped the following week!

Thank you all for reading and taking today's lesson seriously- because it really is. You must control your health and be you and your families health advocate.

Thank you as always for all the support. 

Have a great day!


Your Farmers, 


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