Hi Everyone,

Every year, a few times a year we do what we call a: RESTOCK

It is a time when we are able to process a few extra cows and pigs to build  our inventory since so many of you have thankfully bought from the farm and well, our inventory got low!

We are so grateful for this.

I always like to tell you that when we started this farm- we had no plan of it becoming this.

We were planning on a few animals, a nice getaway from the craziness of covid and whatever else they have lined up down the pipe, and just some easy country living.

Well, that totally did not happen.

One request after the next if we sell this or if we sell that and over a short period of time, FREEDOM FARMS was built.

We started first with our meat-shares because we felt like people wanted to buy in bulks.. (whole cows, half cows, quarter cows/ whole pigs, half pigs, quarter pigs)... 

Then, we realized that some customers just wanted 10lbs. of ground beef to make Sunday sauce ( or gravy) and have amazingly clean beef to make their meatballs... or even some HOT or SWEET Sausage links to complete the sauce the grandma made it!

So, we added ground beef and hot and sweet sausage links.

Then, summer came.

Customers wanted burger patties.. so we made those...

And then some customers were hosting private dinners and asked us for filetsribeyes, strips, and sirloins- we added those to the website...

And lastly, we had our "meat-smoking" crew who wanted brisketspork butts, and short ribs.. so we added those.

If you have not been to the store in a while- check it out as we have a large variety of items.

The truth is this- YOU built this farm.

One question, one purchase at a time.

For that we are so grateful and because of this- you have allowed us to provide jobs ( in a time when nobody wants to work- we found a team that does) - and you have helped us MAKE MEAT GREAT AGAIN by giving us extra resources to enhance the farm and making buying local even easier.

We now ship nationwide- small boxes to big boxes and this is a long way from where we started- just selling large shares locally.

Again- thank you for coming on this journey with us..

So, as a thank you during our restock (which is also a chance for us to take a much needed break- as shipping will begin again on November 6th)- we wanted to continue our FALL FLASH SALE.

Take advantage of our FALL FLASH-SALE today!

We have 2-SPECIALS that we are continuing for you....

1. $30-OFF Orders of $125 of greater... 
this is our largest sale to date! USE CODE:AMERICA30 at checkout.

2. $15-OFF Orders of $99 or more!

*excludes our $99-bundles -sorry :(

Our commitment is to continue to grow the farm and make purchasing clean meats for your family simple and fun.

Each day we get emails and calls from customers who compliment what we are doing- but most importantly how we are doing and the taste is reflected in the meats...

Tasty, clean meats that are the total opposite of what you buy at your supermarket or butcher shop which are both feeding you feedlot beef that they buy through a local purveyor.

If you do not believe me, ask your butcher or the butcher at the market which farm this beef or pork came from...

Very few have an answer.

*on a positive, we have had many shops reach out to carry our meats because they know they can do better and buying straight from the farm is the best way to ensure quality.

Ok- time to go!

Enjoy today's flash sale!

Have a great day and a great week!


Your Farmers, 


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