Our Best-Sellers!

Our Best-Sellers!


Hi Everyone,

We had an early morning today packing the truck (in the rain!) as we have our truck headed to Westchester, Long Island, and New Jersey today.

These are for our famous meat shares!

 Whole Cows, 1/2 Cows, 1/4 Cows, and 1/8th Cows..

 As well as our Whole Pig, 1/2 Pig, and 1/4 Pig! 

When we first started the farm- this is all we offered.. but then our customers started asking for more!

So, last year we launched our meat boxes...

Smaller shares of our meats with a ton of variety to meet the needs of families throughout our area..

Now, the demand has grown and we are sending boxes from NY to CA to FL and everywhere in between...

So cool to see the word spread organically and how SICK AND TIRED people are of store bought, feedlot, VAXXED meats.

At Freedom Farms, you are buying direct from your farmer. And- there is nothing more important than knowing where your meats come from and that you are supporting local farmers. That is so important and integral to the health of AMERICAN Agriculture.

The small farm is AMERICA. At one time, this was how people ate- right off the farm.

We have lost our way- but we are bringing it back. We bring our farm directly to you. Making it as simple as Amazon without the monopoly.

Today, we wanted to share a few of our BEST-SELLERS with you, ready?

*this is a premium blend of the best parts of the cow making for AMAZING ground beef.

Order Your Ground Beef Here.

*even though summer is fleeting, the 1/2 lb. patties have absolutely dominated this summer. Amazing taste and a fast, easy dinner.

Order Your Burger Patties Here.

*an awesome mix of ground beef, burger patties, steaks, and roasts. A complete mix of our meats in a 20lb portion!

Order Your Beef Variety Box Here.

*great for those wanting to try some beef and some pork. A mix of steaks, roasts, chops, bacon, ground beef, and burgers.

Order Your PORK-BEEF COMBO Box Here.

*these have been almost impossible to keep in stock- and are available in limited quantities! They are delicious!

Order Your RIBEYES Here.

We realize that everybody loves a little something different when it comes to their meat- but one thing all have in common is they want: FRESH, REAL, and VAXX Free Meats..

We get it- we are our customers...

We are carnivores and we love great meat- so we not only produce the meats, but we are also customers and consumers of it!

Anyway- we are tired of the grocery store selling you meat from old beat up cows, or confined pigs, charging a premium for garbage feedlot beef and commercial pork...

Control your own food supply and work direct with us.

Also, if there is something you want custom, like tomahawk steaks or something else- just let us know (even if it is not on the site) And we will do our best to get it custom cut for you!

Anyway- we have to go as we have some Black Angus Calves and a new Black Angus Bull arriving this AM!

We are pumped!!

Thank you as always for helping us to:

Thank you again.

We love you all.

Thank you for always supporting us!

Your Farmers, 


Have you tried our Burgers? These are becoming top sellers!  Order your burger boxes today.



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