She Had Piglets!!

She Had Piglets!!

Hi Everyone!

Well, the last of our pigs, Frannie had her babies yesterday!

She is a first time mama and she is truthfully one of our favorites.

She had 8-piglets, 1-spotted and 7-black piglets!

So cool.

You know, we knew she was going to have them soon, but when we went out to feed everyone in the afternoon, there they were nursing on her.

We can usually see when they are about to have babies because the pigs starts moving to a place on their own, getting away from the pack to create a nice, quiet, nest for them and their newborn piglets.

It is so cool.

Now, our pig count is at 35!

So, we have a full house.

That means if you would like to place an order for a share of pork, now is the time.

Email us at with the subject: RESERVE  and we will get you on our share-program list!

Since we are a small family farm, we do not have unlimited shares available- so get on the list today!

Your Farmers, 

Lauren & Dana

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