The Freedom Farms Burger Box

The Freedom Farms Burger Box

Hi Everyone!- 

We hope you had an awesome week and are enjoying the long summer days!

For us, we have been busy at the farm this week from meeting customers for their meat pick-ups at the farm, to sending meat out for delivery to customers on Long Island and New Jersey!

Yesterday, we spent over 12hrs. processing chickens and ducks...

What a grueling process plucking duck feathers...

But we love it- and there is nothing better than seeing just how excited the customers are when they get their meats!

We have a lot of what we call "CONVERT-CUSTOMERS" here at the farm...

They are former Costco, BJ's, Walmart, Shoprite, and even Butcherboxers (btw- all their meat comes from outside the US)- that are now loyal off-the-farm meat buyers!

When you know exactly where your food comes from and can taste the difference as a result- you become a full-time off-the-farm meat buyer!

That really excites us because we know just how important it is to feed your family only the highest quality, cleanest meats available.

Meat can get a bad wrap- and it should when it is pumped with hormones and the animal is stuffed with grain in order to grow.

And when you do purchase off the farm, know this: YOU are the reason why the farm can keep going.

Every contribution, every order matters.

It allows us to keep doing what we love and we are so, so grateful for that.

When you order- you allow us to stimulate our local economy, from our butcher (a small plant in Moravia, NY and Kenny in Sherbourne, NY) to the Micha family who cuts our hay, to Rick our transporter, to the local feed store, McDowell and Walker, to the local fueling company, Mirabito who sells us our fuel. 

We are committed to local at Freedom Farms. We get asked all the time to ship the meat but that is not our mission.

Our mission is to give those within a 200 miles of the farm the best meats they can buy. That is it.

For those of you that have gotten meats from us in the past, you know we are real people showing up at your doorstep- from Rick who transports our cattle, to Aaron who helps with the animals, to Dana and Lauren who are always working to keep things moving forward!

Thank you for allowing small farms to thrive by shopping local.

On another front, we are happy to announce our 10lb. & 20lb. Freedom Farms Burger Box.. 10-20lbs. of premium, lean, grass-fed, grass-finished beef!

This is great for burgers- and well, hey it is burger season!

Order your 20lb. Burger Box Today
*this is just the meat- not patties. 

Lastly, we are now filling orders through August... 

So if you order today, we could get you your pigs-pork for August- but if you are looking for Beef, we are now moving into September...


If you are looking to purchase off the farm, you can order your beef, pork, chicken, eggs, and turkey below!

*we are a small farm with limited quantities so as soon as we run out of supply for the season, that is it till next year.

Order chicken.

Order beef.

Order pork.

Order chicken.

Order my Thanksgiving Turkey. (for pickup or delivery the week before Thanksgiving)

Thanks again for supporting small farms and your local farmers. We rely on you- you rely on us! Together, we make America great.

Have a great weekend and remember: You were born free- never give up that freedom!

Your Farmers,



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