The Truth About Store-Bought Chicken...

The Truth About Store-Bought Chicken...
Hi Everyone!- 

Today is a big day...

We are butchering our farm-raised, free-range chickens!

This year we have gotten so many chicken orders (And we are really grateful for them) that I thought today would be a good day to talk about our chickens vs. store bought...

For us, we have 3-phases we take our chickens through before they are ready for you to enjoy!

Phase 1: The Brooder Phase...

When we pick up our chicks from the hatchery (which sends them to the post office) we immediately bring them home and get them out to the chicken barn for indoor raising. This is a 3 week phase to get them growing and out of the elements/ weather that can have an adverse effect on their health. This phase also keeps them safe from predators.

Phase 2: The Growing Phase...

After the first few weeks in the brooder, we then get the chickens out on the land. They eat off the land (Grass, Bugs, Worms) and we supplement them with a mineral based feed.

This is when they really grow for a good 7-9 weeks. Each day we have to make sure their water is full as they drink a ton, and, keep their feed full as well.

The chickens will typically grow about a 1/2lb. per week.

Phase 3: The Processing Phase....

This is the phase where the chicken has reached full size. We process the chickens one at a time, studying and making sure that each one is healthy and ready for consumption.

You see, when you purchase your chicken from stores, they must do a few things:

1. Grow them fast.
2. Keep them preserved.
3. Conserve space and limit loss.

As a result, chickens are stuffed with cheap feeds and never see the outdoors.

From a preservation standpoint, many types of chicken you buy at the store have been given antibiotics to keep them free from illness and to kill bacteria, much chicken in the US is washed with chlorine.

Below you can see the conditions of a commercial chicken house- one like many of the birds you buy in stores are produced in.

Ok- so that is some chick-education today...

This is WHY we are so passionate about what we do and how we raise our animals the best way possible.

The commercialization and industrialization of farming has killed our food- and dead food leads to dead people due to disease, illness, and chronic conditions.

If you are looking for farm-fresh chickens, order below.

Order your chickens today!

All of our meats are raised with tremendous focus and a tremendous amount of care.

They eat off the land and the land provides them with great nutrients...

Those nutrients make the meat taste better, cleaner, and it is easier to process for your body.

We have about 8 cows left for this season- and 7-pigs, so if you are planning your Fall Orders, get your deposits in now.

Order beef.

Order pork.

Order chicken.

OK- have an amazing weekend!

We have some customers from Long Island coming up to pick-up their whole cow and take a farm tour!

And- we have 35 chickens to process for a farm-to-table dinner at 55+ community on Monday night!

Thanks again for supporting small farms and your local farmers.

Your Farmers,


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