The Piglets Have Arrived!

The Piglets Have Arrived!

Hi Everyone!

We are excited to tell you that one of our pigs, Marsha, had 12 babies last night!

On Independence Day of all days! We thought that we had a few weeks before she was ready, but man were we wrong!

We were at a family BBQ about 3 hours away in Pennsylvania when I received a text from our Farm Manager and Awesome Teammate/ Friend Aaron wrote: "You Are A Dad!."

A pig dad that is!

Lauren and I had never experienced this before so were excited to take the 3 hour drive back and meet the piglets!

So, at 2am, there we were. Myself, Lauren, and Aaron (with a headlamp on)- watching these piglets in their first few hours of life!

Very cool stuff.

What I love most about the farm is that there is always something new- and, we are dealing with life!

The crazy part is, the pigs know what to do. We are there to "supervise"- but they really know what to do.

They have instincts just like we do!

We just wanted to share our journey with you and let you meet the piglets!

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Now, enjoy the rest of your July 4th weekend!!

Coach Dana, Lauren & Aaron!



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