A Beautiful Morning On The Farm

A Beautiful Morning On The Farm

Well, this morning is a truly beautiful morning on the farm!

53 degrees on this July day... a great day to be outside and getting some work done.

We just fed the pigs and dogs... and later today we are going to check out a new tractor for the farm. A 1949 John Deere B Tractor.

Yup. A 1949.

It is a classic but because of the fine American craftsmanship, it still runs like she did back in her first year!

Farm life is fun.

A lot of work.

A lot of daily movement.

And every night you go to bed wiped- but, it is all worth it.

There is nothing better than looking out and the land, listening to the birds and seeing your animals happy.

Happy animals make happy people.

Ok- time to do some more chores!

Lauren & Dana

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