Our New Tractor!

Our New Tractor!

Hi Everyone!

So, this is very exciting news! We have a new tractor! New to us, but very, very old. This tractor is a 1949 John Deere B! It is over 70 years old and we are so happy we got it.

Yesterday, Lauren and I drove about 2hrs. to meet with Mike and Sue. They sold this beauty to us and they were so excited about it.

Sue shared with us that she and Mike moved to the country to start their farm when they were right around our age- and this was their first tractor!

It was sort of a passing of the torch moment.

After all, what is a farm without a tractor!

It is funny how things work.

Our journey to getting Freedom Farms going has been one of the lowest resistance activities in that things just seem to keep working out.

In life, we are often so conditioned to battle and fight for what we want, yet, with this experience things are going really, really well.

Which makes us both excited because the goal is to help more people live off the land by providing food products for all that come directly from the farm!

You know, growing up on Long Island, just outside of NYC there was a point in time when we had farms. But, as the years went on, they disappeared in exchange for new developments. With the farms also went the fresh foods.

I mean, think about it, where does all that food in the grocery store come from?

Today, very little of it actually comes directly from the farm.

Our goal is to change that for you and have Freedom Farms become your new grocery store!

Ok- time to feed the pigs!

Stay strong!


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