Good Morning From Freedom Farms

Good Morning From Freedom Farms

Hi Everyone!

Well, today is another beautiful day at Freedom Farms...

The sun is up and there are some low laying clouds that make it look truly amazing.

We have finished morning chores and later today we are going to start baling hay!

It is really exciting because in order to bale hay, the weather must be perfect. 

Wet hay can cause a barn fire and we certainly do not want that!

Cutting hay takes patience and is similar to cutting a lawn- just a lot more acres and a lot more time but it is also so relaxing.

Also, the pig are getting big, which means three of our lady pigs are going to be giving birth soon.

Let's just say this place is going to be filled with pig and we are really pumped about it.

The animals give the farm life.

And they also bring an energy you can not get from anywhere else.

We hope that some day you can find your way up to the farm and join us for a farm tour!

Anyway, have an awesome weekend!

It is time to go to work!

Lauren & Dana

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