We Have Some Hay Bales...

We Have Some Hay Bales...

Hi Everyone--

Well, we were able to cut some hay the other day...

The only problem was it did not dry enough.

So, we have 28-bales of hay that have to be used ASAP or they will get moldy and rot.

This is summer has been so rainy due to the fires out west that it really effected farmers here in the east and the ability to cut nice dry hay.

The good thing is, there have been a few sunny days here so we are hoping to bale the rest of it by weeks end!

If we can do that, we will be in good shape.

Our property should throw about 300 bales and with the amount of cows we have, we should only need about 200 to get us through the winter.

Never a dull moment on the farm.

Also, if you want to watch our second farm video, it is ready!

Click here to watch.

We are having a lot of fun with these!

Ok- gotta go do some chores!

Lauren & Dana 


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