A Busy Week On The Farm!

A Busy Week On The Farm!
Hi Everyone!-

We hope you had a great week!

This week at Freedom Farms started off with the butchering of 117 pasture-raised chickens!

The birds were real beauties- and man do they taste good.

One of our great customers- Vito introduced us to Freedom Ranger chickens earlier this year when he asked us to custom raise him 50 birds...

They are much better tasting than your standard commercial bird as they grow slower and as a result, the meat is much more tasty.

What we make sure we do with our birds is get them outside as soon as possible.

That means as soon as they get feathers and can deal with the weather- we get them on the land.

The land provides so many nutrients, vitamins, and minerals that just can not be replicated by using feed.

The one thing farm raised chicken is not is chewy. You can actually taste the meat and it is so worth the time we spend each day raising the birds.

Order chicken.

People often ask what is the "most time consuming" thing on the farm- and by far, it is the time that goes into raising birds!

*Lauren is actually out there right now feeding them- she gave me the day off for my 40th birthday today!

Also this week- as we finished up the garden we had a lot of leftover eggplant, zucchini, and cucumbers- so we the pigs got some treats!

They love eating fresh veggies.

When we started with raising pigs on the farm, so many locals said: "You can just feed them bread, cookies, crackers, and go to the local grocery and give the pigs all the packaged cakes that are expired." ....

We would NEVER do that as we believe in giving the animals what they need to maintain optimal health.

That stuff is horrible for us- why would we give it to them?

As a result of good clean feed- our animals deliver and luckily stay in very good health.

Good food + keeping them outside in their natural habitat is everything.

I always say: DO NOT OVER-FARM..

Too often farmers get too involved and forget these are animals and need certain things that are natural to them..

That is a part of our code of ethics at the farm: Treat animals well- and do so by keeping them in the best habitat with much of their natural food source.

That is WHY people LOVE our pork- it is tasty, clean, delicious, and has beautiful coloring!

We just brought in (2) Berkshire Pigs last week to raise some of the best quality meat available!

Below you can see Lauren with Rosie on the pasture!

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Lastly, this week we had to bring our beef across the street- what a show that was.

All the neighbors stop (And some laugh) watching us cross almost 100 head of cattle from one side of the street to the other...

It is quite the sight- but we have been making sure the grass on our home side was growing well so we can give the cows some great nutrient dense fuel before the winter to pack on a few extra pounds.

Who ever thought that grass-management would be a major part of raising cattle!

Well, for grass-fed, grass-finished cattle it certainly is.

Most store beef that says "grass-fed" does not have to worry about it because they are only focused on grass feeding for about 12-14 months...

Then, they fill the animals with grain and corn to put on max size...

They sell it on "improving taste and marbling" but that is complete crap...

Most of the fat burns off anyway...

That is why a 1lb. burger turns into a 1/4lb. burger when you cook it....

You are paying for the fat... which burns off with heat..

With grass fed, grass finished beef a 1lb burger stays a 1lb burger because the meat is lean!

Order beef.

Ok- that is it for now.

Lauren and I are actually leaving the farm for a few hours today and going to lunch to celebrate a decade completed for me and the start of a new one!

If you have any questions at all, please make sure you reach out!!!

Thanks again for supporting small farms and your local farmers.

Your Farmers,

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  1. avatar Kelly says:

    Can’t say enough about the quality of the meat

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