A Tough Week On The Farm...

A Tough Week On The Farm...


Hi Everyone,

We hope you had an awesome week!

This has been a week filled with ups and downs- but, no matter what happens we have to keep trucking along.

With farming- there are certainly days you want to quit- but every order, positive review/ testimonial that comes in keeps us going- so thank you!

Usually- we are up most days at 4:30am and one of the first thing we start doing is packing boxes for our customers.

We are small operation (Lauren and I + Freddy+ Kathy and Charles- Jimi who do the driving)... so we have to be small and mighty.

This week we had our great meats headed to:

🇺🇸Brooklyn, NY
🇺🇸Wappingers Falls, NY
🇺🇸Melbourne, FL
🇺🇸Hauppauge, NY
🇺🇸Saint James, NY
🇺🇸Nesconset, NY
🇺🇸Dobbs Ferry, NY
🇺🇸Upper Saddle River, NJ
🇺🇸Rockaway Park, NY
🇺🇸Queens, NY
🇺🇸East Hampton, NY
🇺🇸West Caldwell, NJ
🇺🇸Rye Brook, NY

This was the good stuff...

The sad stuff was we had to put our cow down- Sweetheart.

After working with her and doing therapy on her for 3- weeks- she just could not get her back left leg working and she was starting to develop soars.

We did not want her to suffer and get any infections so we had to make a very hard choice...

This is very emotional when we have to make this choice- but what allows us to handle it is that we did not quit on her. Every single day for 3.5 weeks we went outside, fed her , watered her, rotated her, and lifted her with the tractor- but she just did not come around- but we loved her very much.

Then, yesterday, our goat Spring was showing signs of getting sick after she was out eating on pasture the day before. Last night- she was eating some cheese balls so we hope she will turn around.

And- lastly, at about 7pm last night one of our pigs gave birth to a litter of piglets- but she abandoned the litter. Meaning, she did not nurse the babies.

This means we have to feed them every 3-4 hours by hand- and there are 4 of them- so at 3am in the morning, we were out there feeding and are heading out again after this.

Farming will test you.

But we won't quit.

That is not what we do.

So- with that- we also wanted to let you know that our burgers are continuing to fly out of the freezer.

It is amazing.

Just last week alone another 250lbs. of burgers went out.

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This week we also sent in 2 cows to the butcher and that have (3) 1/8th shares  shares available- you can order a 1/8th share (here) and we also have a 1/2 cow available as well- which you can order (here).

For those who have never done a meat-share, this is how our farm started and is what continues to drive the farm forward.

It is a great option to split with friends and family- or, you can order a share and fill your freezers so you no longer have to go to the supermarkets and get ripped off paying high prices for low quality (no quality) hormone, vaccine injected beef.

Lastly, our pigs are really coming on and are putting on some amazing size.

They are going to be heading in to the butcher starting again next week so make sure you get your pork orders in as well so we can have them ready for your BBQ or Smoker!

Order pasture raised pork today!

Well, time to feed those little pigges!

*here they are being fed under heat lamp!

Thank you again for all the support.
Every order helps this little farm grow!

Your Farmers, 


Have you tried our Burger Boxes? These are becoming top sellers!  
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