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Jimi and the Meat Mafia are on the move today in the Freedom Farms Van.. so if you see us on the road, give a wave or a honk!

We are headed to: 

🇺🇸Warwick, NY
🇺🇸 NYC
🇺🇸 Brooklyn, NY
🇺🇸 Staten Island, NY
🇺🇸 Parlin, NJ
🇺🇸 Tinton Falls, NJ
🇺🇸 Mount Laurel Township, NJ
🇺🇸 Philadelphia, PA

This week at the farm was great- we made a new pig area so that more of our pigs can enjoy their lives outside- eating and foraging off the ground and taking all the nutrients they can from the soil.

Same with our meat birds!

Our chickens are all outside now that the weather has been warmer and are loving the green grass.

When we started the farm, that was our commitment. 

Get the animals in their natural habitat so that they can pull in the majority of their nutrition from well managed forage, fields, and soils.

As a result- the meat tastes amazing.

SO much better than the store... (As many of you know by now!)

Today, we wanted to go over our process in a simple infographic below..

You can see our process vs. a traditional process...

Our process is much fewer steps vs. a traditional process which is so many more steps..

Each step the meat loses quality control and the animal is moving place to place- feed is changing each time, and, they are more vulnerable to illness as a result of the stress of the moves from farm to farm, feedlot to processor.

This is WHY there is talk of vaccines..

In big beef operations that use the farm to feedlot model, they need to keep the animals healthy so that they can get as big as possible, as fast as possible.

The vaccines are another way for this to occur with less animal loss.

When an animal gets sick, they lose weight.

When they lose weight, the feedlot and farmer lose money.

It's a terrible model- yet, almost all of the beef that is at restaurants, grocery stores, and butcher shops comes from this method of raising cattle/ beef.


Check out our process below.

Raise the animals the right way- right here on the fertile soils of Upstate NY.

Then, once the animals of at 30 months or less (or at the right size) they head to a family owned USDA processor where the cow is harvested, hung, cut, packaged, frozen, and ultimately boxed and ready to be delivered by us to you.

Very simple. Very low stress on the animal. That is the RIGHT way to do it.

In fact, it was how things were done before the industry became an absolute shit-show.

SO, we like to be 100% open with you all- so we hope by understanding the process more you will be better armed for making great decisions on which beef your family eats...

Speaking of which, we have several open 1/8th meat-shares available from a cow headed in this weekend.

Order a 1/8th share today.

We ALSO have a few shares open for next week as well... 1/4, 1/2, or Whole Cow... AND Pork as well...

So,  you can order those by 
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Lastly, our burger boxes are showing to still be the biggest hit of the year- so we have a bunch of patties that came in last week and more coming in this week if you want to add some to your upcoming BBQ's! 

The patties are quick and easy to cook- making for a great dinner in 10-minutes or less....

Order your Burger Box today...

Ok- that is it for today!

To all the moms out there- HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!

You deserve it!

Thank you again for all the support.
Every order helps this little farm grow!

Your Farmers, 


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