Hi Everyone,

You all are amazing [truly amazing] .

Last week, we told you that our best seller this year was our Premium Burger Boxes and in just one day (last Saturday) we sold over 500lbs. of these burgers!! 

They will be heading out to many of you this week!

Here we are in May and this is what we consider to be one of our busiest months..

The sun is finally out, the weather is finally warming, and as a result, all of you who love to BBQ, smoke meat, and go camping are looking for the best possible meats for your family.

And, in just a few weeks, Memorial Day will be here.

So, with that said, we want to make sure you get your meats in time- so now is the time!

Get your orders in and order your Farm Fresh, VACCINE-FREE meats today...

Order your meats today.

There is still time on the clock to get you your Whole Cow, 1/2 Cow, 1/4 Cow, or 1/8th Cow before the big day... 

Or, maybe you want a smaller Beef Variety Box...

Whatever it is... we can get it to you before Memorial Day...

The other thing we offer that we have to mention is ROASTER PIGS!

Have you thoughts of having a Pig Roast this summer for a Memorial Day?

Or, maybe July 4th, or just for the heck of it?

We can do that too!

In fact, we have our first Roaster Pig of the season heading out to The Rubino Family on Long Island later this month!

Reserve your roaster pig today.

Lauren and I got into this to bring you the best possible meats for you and your family.

It was validated yesterday again when we had a pick-up at the farm and customer Megan DeVoe said: THANK YOUR FOR DOING WHAT YOU DO.

It is getting harder and harder to find good, clean meats from animals that are raised the right way.

This line of work is hard.

There are so many moving parts from taking orders to scheduling butcher appointments to packing orders for all of you!

There is weather to deal with from extreme cold to extreme heat.

There are animals that need daily care, therapy, and at times heavy lifting.
(LIKE BELOW- This is Sweetheart- she lost her baby last week and has not been able to get up- but she is getting better each day)


But, it is those exchanges between us and the customer that make it all worth it.

Knowing that she was bringing our meats home for her family to enjoy, and knowing that she was confident in knowing the source of her meat means everything to us.

THAT is why we do this.

So- thank you again for allowing us to do what we do.

We stand by our product and we do our best to make you all as happy as you can.

Thank you for your patience as sometimes things take a week or a few weeks extra to get it to you as we want you to have nothing but the freshest meats.

We do not keep a large inventory at all so we can stand by our pledge that
"just a few weeks earlier that animal was standing in the pasture" vs. store-bought, restaurant, or butcher shop beef which can not say the same.

With all of that said- thank you for trusting us.

WE do not take it lightly knowing that our meats are headed to your family table.

Ok- time to go weed-wack some fence line and spread some mulch!

Thank you again- and get those Memorial Day orders in!

Your Farmers, 


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