Baby Wagyu Calves!

Baby Wagyu Calves!

Hi Everyone!- 

Well, we are a day late in writing you this week!

This week was a week spent getting our cows ready to head to the butcher on Monday.

With all the meat shortages and craziness going on, even the butchers are very, very backed up.

We luckily got a call last week saying we can bring in 4 of our cows that are part of our Fall Meat Share Program!

Unfortunately, our pigs are still waiting on their call date (so thanks for the patience everyone that is part of the pork meat share)...

On a much brighter note, a few weeks ago we had some Wagyu calves- and they are so darn cute.

They are currently being fed from a pail- and man are they cute.

For those who do not know, Wagyu meat is some of the best meat in the World. It is heavily marbleized, with just enough fat content and tastes amazing. 

It takes a while to get them ready- so hang with us and we will let you know in about 24 months when they are ready!

This week we are also awaiting the arrival of 40- Meat Birds from a hatchery in Pennsylvania that we will be raising up and they should be ready in about 8-weeks!

What is so cool with farming is that as farmers, we can create a food supply that is healthy, free of hormones, and one that really goes about things the complete opposite way of the producers that sell their meat to big box grocery stores.

There is nothing better than raising an animal from birth and seeing their growth.

Off the farm meats are clean, healthy, and work with your body to give you the nutrients and protein you desire, along with an amazingly fresh taste.

I also wanted to thank 2 of our Meat Share MEMBERS, Marv and Donna for stopping by the farm this week for a tour!

It is always so great to meet customers and show them how we go about raising the animals!

Well, thats our farm update for this week! We hope you had an amazing week!

Also, we still have 3/4 of a share of Grass-Fed Beef left from this years Fall Meat Share program! Once this is sold, the program will not open again until the late Spring!

If you have not yet ordered your share of grass-fed beef / pasture raised pork- order now! 

If you want to order a share from our Fall Meat Share- you can click here!

Also- if you are in the area we would love to have you come to the farm so you can meet the animals, see how they live, and enjoy their energy with us!

OK! Have an awesome weekend and take some time to relax today!

Your Farmers,


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  1. avatar Marvin L Conover says:

    We visited Freedom Frams a few days ago and were graciously welcomed to their farm by Dana and Lauren Cavalea. They treated us to a tour of their130 acre estate where they raise Black Angus cows, open range chickens and pigs. They also have a duck-filled pond. We recently ordered a 1/4 cow for our freezer and wanted to see where it was raised and meet the folks who raised it. We are glad we did and you will be too. It was very informative and enjoyable.

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