Be Aware Of What Is Coming..

Be Aware Of What Is Coming..



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Hi Everyone,

We hope you had another great week and are enjoying the nice weather and time with family!

Each week, we love to come on here and let you know what is going on with the farm and also with agriculture in general- some basic education so you can be an informed citizen.

Yesterday, I was talking to our butcher about farming and most importantly pricing.


I was not surprised- but figured I would dig a little deeper...

So, I asked: "What is driving it?"

And he let me know about the principle of scarcity which is really just supply vs. demand.

Not sure if you remember, but there was drought and fire last year in the midwest which wiped out a ton of cattle. 

A lot of that cattle was going to be this years "crop" or cows that would be processed as meat this year.

Since they do not exist- what has happened is due to limited supply- the price of cattle each month just keeps rising and rising.

When you head to local cattle auctions and see the pricing of cattle now compared to 24-months ago it is staggering.

Take a look again at this graph put out by the USDA.

What does this all mean to you?

It means pricing of meat is going up.

It has to.

Because the value of cows is rising dramatically and since cows are considered liveSTOCK- the markets adjust accordingly.

Cattle is just like a stock and when it goes up- it is worth more.

On the other side, what we are seeing is that many local farmers are exiting the pork/ pig business because the price of feed is astronomical due to the diesel fuel pricing of last summer when all the corn was cut..

At our farm, our feed bill for pigs is over $3000/ month and we are a small farm..

We share this to keep you informed.

So you know what is happening at the farm level- the agriculture level because we see it first.

We also may have to elevate our pricing a bit in the coming weeks as a result and we are a 100% full transparency farm and do not want anyone to not understand our practices and why things happen.

But we are not raising them today so you can still take advantage of our current pricing and get some AMAZING farm fresh meats for you and your family.

Order Beef.
Order Pork
Order Chicken

If you have never tried a meat share- a 1/8th COW to a Whole Cow- give it a shot- it is the best bang for the buck and many of our customers split with friends and family...

We do the same with our pigs as well- a 1/4 PIG to a Whole Pig..

What is great with our meat shares is you can choose many of your preferred cuts and thickness- and all organ meats as well.

We have been restocking over the last 2-weeks and this upcoming week is going to be a BIG week of sending out orders...

Lauren's dad is going to come up and help pack as well as Kathy who helps us with cut sheets and some of the fun stuff behind the scenes that helps make the magic happen...

So we are excited to fill your freezers and MAKE MEAT GREAT AGAIN.

We say it every week- but our burger boxes are freakin amazing...

We had some of these burgers 2-weeks ago and they were so easy to cook and the taste was so clean... (no slimy residue like store-bought).

🍔 Order your burger boxes today.

Well, we hope this information was helpful and again gave you some more insights as to what goes on behind the Big Agriculture curtain here in the good old US of A.

It is important that you know and that you stay informed.

Because without REAL NEW, well, all you have is FAKE NEWS.

And we know where that will get ya.. (confused).

Anyway, that is it for now.

Time to get outside and take care of our new piglets and get the lawn cut.

Have an awesome week.


Talk to you soon!

Thank you again for all the support.
Every order helps this little farm grow!

Your Farmers, 


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