Our Food Supply Is UNDER ATTACK with Lab-Grown Meat

Our Food Supply Is UNDER ATTACK with Lab-Grown Meat


Hi Everyone,

We hope you had another great week and are planning on a great weekend... We had a late night last night after doing deliveries to Long Island and Westchester..

We start our days at 4am- and usually end delivery days around 11pm.

The freedom farms van, driven by meat-mafia member, Jimi is headed to:

  • Airmont, NY
  • Westfield, NJ
  • Dover, NJ
  • Staten Island, NYSaint Albans, Queens, NY
  • Bayside, Queens, NY
  • Mahopac, NY
  • Montgomery, NY

So, if you see us, give a honk and a wave!

Now, today, I want to let you know that we are under attack.

Yes- it is true.

The meat industry is under heavy attack and heavy scrutiny and it has us worried.

We feel this way because this week, our very own USDA (who is "supposed" to be protecting us and keeping us safe) announced that they are going to be supporting man made meat.

This is real.

This is happening, NOW.

Lab grown meat is what it is- it was called "cultured meat" and now it is being referred to as "cultivated meat"...

There is a movement in this country to get rid of cows and livestock in favor of this and it is going to put the future of our food security at risk.

Needless to say, we are very upset.

This is not how we should be doing it.

There are plenty of hard-working farmers and there is some amazing land available to be farmed... and we are going to be feeding our citizens of the great US of A this... just another example of a scientific failure..



Rather than being part of a living, breathing, eating and drinking animal, cultivated meat is grown in anything from a test tube to a stainless steel bioreactor.

Cells are acquired from an animal by harmless biopsy, then placed in a warm, sterile vessel with a solution called a growth medium, containing nutrients including salts, proteins and carbohydrates. Every 24 hours or so, the cells will have doubled.

When the pure meat or fat is harvested, it is a formless paste of cells. This is why the first cultivated meat products served up have been chicken nuggets or burgers.

The packaging on this [project meat] is very slick and seductive- so it will certainly sell- and as you can see above- there is no mention on the chicken that it is lab-grown.

This is going to be a problem- a big one.

We have no idea how the body will respond to this experimental meat- and you have to ask this question: WHY? Why are we doing this..

What makes our country great is that we have freedom and the liberty to grow our own food- and when that is being challenged by this mass experimentation, we have a problem.


Rant over.

If you are looking for FARM-RAISED meats, we have them.

And we are really proud of our meats and what we do on the farm each and every day to provide families in our region and beyond amazing meats that are raised with love and care from an American Farm and American Farmers.

Let's get back to farming- and doing this the old fashioned way- with time, care, and passion.

Order Beef.
Order Pork
Order Chicken

We are excited to fill your freezers and MAKE MEAT GREAT AGAIN.

[ Also, for those looking to learn more about farming, on July 8th we are going to have a workshop at the farm- a day of learning about farming- as we are bringing in Expert Regenerative Rancher, GREG JUDY from Missouri to teach.]

He is known throughout the world as the best when it comes to regenerative farming..

He believes if you lose your land, you lose everything- so protect your soil and learn to use your animals to build it up and make it strong.

You can register by clicking here.

Well, that is it for now- we have 250 chickens we are processing for customers this AM that have been anxiously waiting our pasture-raised chickens. We sold them out but are now taking reservations for the next round of chickens ready mid summer! Order chickens today.

Have an awesome week.

Talk to you soon!

Thank you again for all the support.

Every order helps this little farm grow!

Your Farmers, 


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