Hi Everyone!- 

We hope you had a great week!

This morning was an early one with orders heading out to the Bronx, Rockland County, Putnam County, and Westchester County!

These mornings start at 4am to pack the truck and get all the orders ready but it is so rewarding to know that our customers are going to be getting great meat to enjoy for themselves and their families!

Every package that goes out the door we say "thank you" to before it hits the truck!

And today, I want to talk to you about buying your meat in bulk.

When you buy in bulk direct from the farm, it is not the same as buying your meats from Costco, Shoprite, BJs, Sams Clubs, or Walmart.

They get all their meats from feed mills and large processing facilties.

We built our farm on the hybrid model of Costco X Amazon.

Bulk buying with the ease of delivery for those who can not make it to the farm.

We are 100% focused on quality.

Quality animals.

Quality pasture management.

Quality taste.

And, when you combine that with shares that include not only the cleanest grass-fed, grass-finished beef, or, pasture raised pork and free-range chickens, you have amazing quality at an amazing price.

This year we have had so many of our customers tell us: "We want to make sure we have plenty of food on hand so that we are not at the mercy of the supermarket, big agriculture, or, our government decisions and politics."

That is fair.

We feel the same way.

Stocking up keeps you in a power position and a position of confidence knowing that you are taken care of- you are taking care of yourself and your family and not reliant on a BIG, SHITTY food system that is serving poor, mass produced meat that is stuffed with grain, corn, hormones, antibiotics or anything else needed to grow an animal big and not have them die in the process.

It is sick, but true.

SO, if you can buy in bulk, this is the time.

We have shares like the 1/8th for those without large storage- and we go up to whole cows and whole pigs for those with the space or looking for optimized pricing or the goal of splitting with friends and family.

This is the time to buy in bulk.

Keep yourself and your family safe and in a power position- know where your food comes from, how it is produced, and have the confidence that you have a large supply.

If you are interested in either stocking up for the first time, or, restocking as many of our customers who ordered early this year are doing now, you can order below!

Order pork.

Order beef.

Order chicken

As always, you are always invited to our farm to see how we do things.

We have nothing to hide, ever.

Fully transparent and a part of our larger mission is to:

1. Get people to experience farms up close and personal.

2.Buy more farmland so that we have greater control over our farming ecosystem... (and to keep Mr.Gates and the Republic of China from buying more).

3. Keep farmland being farmed.

Our goals are simple....

And ultimately to get you the best quality meat.

Thank you so, so much for your support- it means everything to us and our small family farm.

Have an awesome day...

Enjoy your weekend- we hope to see you soon!

Thanks again for supporting small farms and your local farmers.

Your Farmers,

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