Farm Update!

Farm Update!
Hi Everyone!- 

This has been a great opening week for our Summer-Fall Meat Share program and we wanted to thank all of you who have ordered!

You know, once your order comes in, our work really begins.

The first thing we start doing is getting all of our cows/ pigs/ and chickens tagged with your name and your share size- this way we know what cows/pigs are for who and this also helps us make sure we have enough stock for everyone!

For the upcoming week we are going to be quite busy!
Rick, who transports all of our animals is coming on Tuesday to pick up 7-pigs that are headed to the butcher..

Aaron is in the process of planting a large garden for all of us so we can have fresh veggies all summer long.

And after that, we begin setting up our new fiberglass fencing around the pasture perimeter and also around an area we have designated for the pigs so they can be raised on pasture/ in the woods where foraging is available for them.

We want to keep our pigs outside as much as possible since it is the healthiest way for them to grow- living on nature vs. just feed and minerals.

The farm is a lot of work but what is great is that each member of our team has a job!

Lauren is who we call "The Boss"- as she pretty much gets on all us guys telling us what has to get done and by when...

When all work together the rewards are really wonderful.

We even have friends in our community like Jenn and her mom Kandi, and Dad David who help us butcher our chickens....

And our other friend DJ and his wife Hailey who help us do the hay.

When we started the farm the goal was to bring our farm to your table, but also make the farm a staple in the community.

Hiring locals, hiring veterans, hosting programs for vets, leaders, and executives, as well as farm to table dinners and parties.

But most importantly we wanted to show people the value of purchasing off the farm, the difference in how amazing the meat tastes vs. store bought, and how your health can improve by eating foods that are clean, not processed, and come from the land with the best possible growing/ raising methods available.

That is our promise to you.

And, each week we write to you because we want you to feel like family- following our journey and making our journey your journey.

So thanks for reading, thanks for sharing our message, and thanks for telling your friends and family about our farm and meats.

Our meat-shares are really moving- so if you would like to join this years program, you can.

Just click below and you can get on our list of orders for this year!


We would love to bring our farm to your table and we love meeting each and every one of you!

Stay safe. Enjoy your weekend!

Your Farmers,

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