This Weeks Farm Update!

This Weeks Farm Update!
Hi Everyone!- 

This was a big week of work- Aaron has been out all day building new fencing so the cows and calves stay on the pasture!

One of the biggest risks to any farm is animals getting out and leaving the pastures, especially since we have cars that come up and down our road.

With the 20 calves we have on the grounds now, they can also sneak out not knowing the danger- so the electric fencing keeps them safe.

We are using fiberglass posts since the last fencing that was on the property was wood and we are finding it to be rotting out from all the rain and snow!

On another front, we are really keeping our ears to the ground making sure we can avoid The Bird Flu that is going around.

It started in Suffolk County and Dutchess County in NY- and what happens is wild birds start to intermingle with backyard chicken flocks and pass the flu.

If a farm flock gets infected, not only to the chickens get sick, but to stop the spread all chickens need to be killed.

We love our chickens so we are really hoping we can avoid an interaction with this flu.

You know, on the farm there is always something to think about and worry about- so when we hear news of this flu, we have to adapt and work quick to do so.

It is a fine balance though because we free-range all of our chickens so we have to keep them safe- but we can cut down some of that time as a pre-caution.

This simply means let them out a bit later and bring them in a bit earlier but we do not want to compromise our product as a result of this flu.

This last week we also brought in 7-pigs for processing/ harvesting...

Our meat share program is also doing well! 

Over the last two weeks we got over 30 orders and now we are organizing the Cows & Pigs, tagging them up, and making sure that your meats are the best in class!

We hope to have some of your orders ready for you for your July 4th BBQ's as we were able to get several butcher appointments as well this week from a local butcher!

If you want to order you share of a Cow/ Pig- you can click the link below.

Order here.

I also want to say this, do not be intimidated by the share size.

A quarter cow is a very manageable share for a small family and if packed correctly, should be able to fit in a standard freezer, with some overflow into an extra freezer.

We also launched our 1/8th share this week as another smaller option. 

This will definitely fit in a small freezer.

We want to give you options- so more people can be a part of our small, family farm- bringing small farm agriculture and product to the family table.

Anyway- that is this weeks update.

Thank you so much for following along!

We are hoping to shoot some new farm videos as well come this May.

Stay safe. Eat Meat. Enjoy your weekend!

Your Farmers,

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