Hi Everyone!- 

Could you believe we got hit with a HUGE snow storm this week?

Just when we thought we were done with snow, boom!
But, today is going to be 70 degrees so we are really excited!

In the farming world, weather plays a critical role.

It determines how much hay we need, if we need to feed supplemental hay to the cows, whether we can let the chickens out to free-range, and really what our chores will be for the day.

Yes- we still do chores! On the farm, you never outgrow your chores.

There is a daily process that must be executed daily in a system so we can stay on top of everything from animal welfare, land management, to orders and working personally with customers!

Coming up in the next week or two we are going to have 5 of our mama-pigs have their piglets...

When the farm is filled with piglets it is a great time!

They bring such a unique and fun energy!

Speaking of pigs, this summer, we will also be offering Roaster Pigs for those looking to do a pig-roast for an event, fundraiser, party, or BBQ- we have pigs in many different sizes so let us know if you are interested!

Roaster Pigs.

For others- that are looking for some pasture raised pork- chops, loins, pork belly, roasts, and bacon- farm fresh pork is AMAZING!

And, here is the other thing- we can smoke the meet for you- OR- you can learn to smoke your own meat which is a lot of fun and is a great way to relax watching meat on a smoker...

All of our pork cuts will be individually packaged and wrapped for you- and do not forget, we can do some custom butchering as well if are special requests!

Order you share of pork today!!

Lastly, May is going to be very busy month for us with over 200 day-old chickens, egg layers and meat birds coming to the farm for us to raise for you!

Very exciting.

Feel free to add farm-fresh eggs to your order and a few chickens!

Click here to order chickens.

Farm fresh chicken has such a different taste.

Our chickens are raised outside after their fist 2-3 weeks of life so they are eating off the land, the way it should be. 

This is true farm to table eating.

Ok- today we have a big day ahead of getting the pig area ready on the farm so they can have a great spring/ summer of outdoor pasturing!

If you have any questions about our meats- please reach out!

We really want you to be a part of the farm and enjoy the amazing experience of bypassing the grocery store and eating farm fresh foods!

Ok, time to get to work!

Have a great weekend!!

*for those who have already ordered their shares, we have many butcher appointments set up for May, June, and July! When your animal is heading in for processing, we will let you know!!! Thank you!

Your Farmers,

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