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We hope you had an awesome week!

I wanted to share a story with you...

A few days ago, Lauren and I were having burgers with family members and I have to say- they were not Freedom Farms burgers...

How did we know?

Well, first, as they were being cooked, when they hit the grill they were at least 1/4lb. burgers- but by the time they were done, they were much, much smaller.

Next, they tasted SO FATTY.

But not fat from the animal, but slimy, added fat.

So, I did some digging.

Turns out, this meat was labeled "grass-fed" because all cows are grass-fed...

But very seldom is the FINISHING ever mentioned...

You see, at Freedom Farms, we start on grass and finish on grass.

Most of the issues with beef come from the finishing not so much the raising.

The finishing is where the cow is blasted with a diet of HEAVY grain and corn- getting the cow fatter and fatter.

Meaning, your meat is fatter and fatter.

And when you cook fat, it burns off reducing the size of your meat but also leaving that slimy, dirty taste in your mouth.

That is what happened here.

They fell for the "Grass-Fed Labeling Scam"- because producers are not lying.. the cow was raised on grass but the finishing is not often revealed.

And, when it is, you will find most of the grass-fed, grass-finished meat in the US of A comes from Australia, New Zealand, Uruguay, and Argentina.

These labels "look and sound healthy"- but the beef is not "clean" beef.

Why would we be buying beef from other countries when NY is densely populated with great beef cattle.

That is WHY we do what we do...

When you order your meat share from us, your cow was on the pasture 3-weeks earlier and not shipped from continent to continent to get you your beef.

That is wrong.
It is a not how it should be.
And it certainly is not best practices.

Buy local.

Buy your beef local, your pork local, your chickens local, and your eggs local- at least you know where it comes from!

We provide all those proteins for you- raised sustainably and on pasture.

If you are looking for the cleanest, healthiest beef for your family, we have several meat-shares left for the remainder of this season!

Order beef.

We are now filling orders for mid-late September! If you are looking to fill your freezer for the fall / winter, now is the time to get your deposits in!

Order pork.

Order chicken.

If you are thinking of ordering a Thanksgiving Turkey from us this year, we are down to our last 18!

Order a Thanksgiving Turkey.

OK- have an amazing weekend!

Thanks again for supporting small farms and your local farmers.

Your Farmers,

One thought on “GRASS-FED IS A SCAM!

  1. avatar Rosanne Roy-Rahrle says:

    Where is the farm in Upstate NY? Can people visit it? Price list please and does it come frozen to door?
    Can you buy organ meat— heart, liver; buy beef or pig cheeks or whole heads of pigs

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