Grass Fed vs. Grass-Finished

Grass Fed vs. Grass-Finished

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This week we wanted to speak about what makes our farm different, specifically how we raise our Beef.

Most meat that you purchase at a store today is raised from big feed lots. These cows originally start on farms but are sold directly to feed lots or at auctions to the larger beef processors.

As a result, the goal for the farmer and the feed lot and the processor is to get the cow BIG.

Because BIG pays more and BIG feeds more people. So, one cow can provide more end-user beef.

The problem with this is that to get a cow BIG it either takes:

A. Time
B. Massive Amounts of Grain & Corn AND Hormones
C. A Combination of Both

Most of these farmers and feed lots and processors do not have time- so they choose option B.

At Freedom Farms, we totally, 100% disagree with feeding our cows anything but grass and pasture raised hay.

This means the cow grows slower but naturally.
The cow does not develop extra or excess fat which adds weight but not quality.

So, the other myth is that GRASS-FED is better for you. Here is the deal:

*this packaging is just marketing

The question is really, what else are they fed?
And, most importantly, how are they finished?

The finishing is most important.

Our cows are grass-fed, grass-finished.

Meaning all they eat in their lifetime is Grass.
From start to finish.

When we got into farming beef, Lauren would get breakouts on her face because most of the beef was finished with corn, grain, and oftentimes injected with hormones to grow them bigger.

This carried into the meat.

So, when we started the farm, Freedom Farms, we wanted to be 100% pure in how we raised our beef.

No junk.
Just grasses and minerals.

As a result, we take our grass and pasture health very seriously. Always testing the PH and working to improve our soil not with fertilizers but with the cows eating, trampling, and excreting on the land.

That is the best and most natural fertilizer.

Ok- that is today's lesson.

Only feed your family the BEST. That is what we are committed to!

If you want the best and cleanest meat in the region, we are taking deposits/ orders for our Grass-Fed, Grass-Finished Summer-Fall Meat Share now.

So, if you would like to be a part of this years program, it is never too early to reserve your spot!

We are pumped about this years response already!

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Well- Thats the update this week!! 

Stay safe. Stay warm! Eat Beef!

Your Farmers,


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