This Weeks Farm Update!

This Weeks Farm Update!

Hi Everyone!- 

Well, we had another entertaining week at the farm! 

Yesterday, Aaron was out on the ATV checking on all the cows- and he saw that one of our Black Angus mamas was in labor!

She was laying down on the snow- and out came a beautiful, 100% Black Angus Heifer Calf.

For those who do not know what a Heifer Calf is, it is a female calf that has not yet had babies of her own.

The opposite of a heifer calf is a bull calf- which is a male that can have babies once he is of size.

What is so great about having females born, or heifers is that they become our breeding stock.

So, she will have a long life on the farm as a breeder!

This allows us to have a closed herd- where we can stay on top of our bloodlines knowing exactly who the mother and father is of all our stock.

What this means to you is that everything is controlled- the whole process from start to finish can be accounted for.

Speaking of accounted for, many of you know we had a litter of piglets a few weeks ago- who are really growing well.

As a matter of fact, we now have over 60 pigs on the farm between our piglets, sows (mama pigs), and (2) bores- daddy pigs.

This means for those who love BACON & CHOPS- we are going to have plenty of inventory for our Summer/ Fall meat share.

In fact, we are taking deposits now for pasture-raised pork.

This is much different than the pork you get in the stores- where all the pork comes from large facilities where the animals never touch the dirt and live in a natural environment.

If you have not had off-the-farm bacon/ chops/ sausage- it is incredible.

Flavorful, clean tasting, (not salty at all), and delicious!

After all, what is a Sunday breakfast without some great bacon!

If you would like to order our pasture raised pork, you can reserve your share here...

Click here to reserve your 1/2 share of pork.

Or, if you are looking for a bit more, you can order a full share as well!

Click here to reserve your full share of pork.

What is interesting about the pigs/ pork is that when we first started the farm, Lauren was against the pigs because as pasture raised pigs- they would get out and start tearing up the pasture.

But, through much bargaining and a stronger fence :) I think we have won her over. The pigs bring a lot of energy to the farm- so, it's a whole lot of fun and we would be bored without them!

If pork is not your thing- remember, we are also taking reservations on our Beef as well.

Click here to reserve your meat share.

As always- we wanted to thank you for supporting your local farmer and farm.

It means a lot and goes a long way.

We have big plans for the farm- from expanding our pastures to hosting annual events for customers and chefs and local organizations- as well as working to hire local veterans.

Thank you for your support and for being a part of our small family farm community.

That is what Freedom Farms is all about.

Well- Thats the update this week!! 

Stay safe. Stay warm! Eat Beef!

Your Farmers,


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