Winter Can Be Tough On The Farm!

Winter Can Be Tough On The Farm!
Hi Everyone!- 

Hope you are having a great winter! 

We were finally able to get a new video episode LIVE from Freedom Farms together for you!

We love doing this for a few reasons!
  1.  So you can get to know us, your farmers.
  2. So you can see the farm and all the awesome animals and adventures.
  3. So you can experience what farm life is like- real farm life!
  4. So we can connect with you!! We truly are a family farm and never want to lose the relationships with our customers!

These videos are a lot of fun for us to do and we really work hard as a team to keep all of our animals happy and healthy!

In this video you can watch Dana, Lauren, and Aaron save this calf and bring him back to life.

Click here to watch the video.

***An update on him since his birth: He is alive and well and with his mama on the pasture!

Thank you for being a part of our small farm community!

Remember, when you support your local farmers you support your country and help us provide work and jobs for locals to help bring you the best meats available!

Towards the end of the video Dana gives you updates on what he has learned about being a farmer and how you too can become one, even a backyard farmer if you desire!!

We are also taking reservations for our Summer and Fall Beef/ Pork shares. Reserve your share today!

Click here to reserve your meat share.

Well- Thats the update this week!! 

Stay safe. Stay warm! Eat Beef!

Your Farmers,


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