Happy Thanksgiving Weekend!

Happy Thanksgiving Weekend!
Hi Everyone!- 

We hope you had an amazing Thanksgiving! 

To all the hunters out there, we hope that you had an amazing opening week!

There is definitely a buzz around town this time of year- with hunters everywhere! Camo and Orange jackets everywhere!

For us though, it just heavy jackets, gloves, and winter hats. It has been very, very cold!

Good thing last week we were able to get those 18 new cows to the farm- because if we had to do it this week, it would not have been fun with 20 degree weather.

The cows are really settling in- and one of the really fun things is looking out at the pasture and seeing how many young calves there are out there.

They are really getting comfortable and settling in- and they are going to be really be big come spring time with all of the great hay we will be feeding them this winter!

Most farmers actually find themselves struggling to find enough hay to get through the winter, especially the cold ones, but for us we have over 500 bales to get us through.

It was a tough year for hay- but we got it done and now have a surplus!

On another note, our meat birds you can see in the picture below! They are growing up right before our  eyes.


It has been so cold that we decided to keep them under the light a bit longer until all of their feathers come in. We are getting close!

At that point we will let them run around the yard before their processing date of mid December!

Well, that is our update for the week!

We were able to leave the farm for a 24hrs (And do some meat deliveries) and see our family for Thanksgiving!

I always say- there is nothing better than meeting our customers face to face. This week we met Ashley and her family as well as Melissa and her family!

Very cool to hear the stories of how much they enjoy their first Freedom Farms meal!

As always, if you are interested in Beef or Pork, you can order by clicking here.

Ok- time to go chase some little calves that just got out!!

Ok- see ya next week!

Your Farmers,


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